Saab Parts UK stock availability improves even further

Press Release from SaabPartsUK

■Parts production restarts at Trollhättan plant
■Fully assembled car parts and other components purchased from Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate
■New contracts signed with key suppliers
■Further reassurance for UK Saab owners and authorised repairers

Saab Parts UK welcomes the news that parts production will restart at Saab Automobile’s press and body plant in Trollhättan.

Saab Automobile Parts AB recently signed an agreement with the administrators of Saab Automobile AB allowing them the use of Saab’s press and body shop plant, including the specialist tooling, for the manufacture and assembly of body parts. A second agreement was also signed to acquire a large number of fully assembled parts and other components.

Lennart Stahl, CEO of Saab Automobile Parts AB, said: “These agreements, together with recently signed new contracts with key suppliers, are part of a comprehensive program to ensure a consistent supply of parts for Saab vehicles, both short and long term.”

Saab Parts UK has been successfully trading for almost four months, whilst growing its network of authorised repairers and welcoming customers back to the brand.

Alan Cowan, Sales Director at Saab Parts UK, said: “This is great news for Saab customers and our network of authorised repairers in the UK.

“Now that the press and bodyshop plant have restarted production and new agreements have been signed with key suppliers, we should see parts availability back to the levels they were at before Saab Automobile stopped production.

“UK customers can continue to be confident that their Saab will be serviced and maintained by a team of highly skilled and qualified technicians who have the product knowledge and technical training to keep their cars in the best condition possible. Only Original Saab parts are fitted and are backed by a two years’ manufacturer warranty.”

17 thoughts on “Saab Parts UK stock availability improves even further”

  1. This is good news overall however, I believe is still very limiting to us here in the USA. Has SCNA been sorted out to allow Saab parts to operate freely and restock the warehouse in Allentown PA? We have had multiple orders for vital parts on VOR status for months and months now without any word of ETA. Have been sourcing most parts now from the UK, bypassing Saab USA/SCNA. Parts are more expensive, vehicle values have plummeted thus owners are less willing to pay for repairs. In the last 6 months have had many many clients look to sell their Saabs simply because of the scarcity of parts and ridiculously high cost of parts which are available.

    • While there has been plenty of activity reported by Saab UK, first by restructuring into a “parts and service company” as opposed to a “new car distribution company” and then with good follow up, the silence from Detroit has been deafening. I wonder how much of the hangup can be traced back to US Bankruptcy law? We know for a fact that Mike Colleran is still managing the remnants of SCNA, the headquarters (right down to the phones and pens) was auctioned, and that the Allentown warehouse is shipping parts in stock. Is the Trustee in Bankruptcy refusing to authorize the purchase of replacement parts?

    • BTW: Speaking of Saab Parts UK Ltd & Warranty, has anyone managed to take out the Saab Secure mechanical warranty that they have negotiated? I’ve contacted 2 dealers – they have brochures but no definite details & prices yet. I phoned Momentum Warranties Ltd, the underwriters. They say you must go through dealer, and dealer should have all the prices. When I said they haven’t I was told “don’t know why they’re saying that”.

      • My Son has just bought a SAAB from Humberside SAAB with a 1 year SAAB Secure and upgraded to 2 years. Prior to this I rang SAAB Secure and was quoted prices over the phone (I rang the tel number on SAAB GB website). Try Stephen Smith at Humberside.

  2. Hopefully we hear something soon as to any support in the U.S. My local dealership clesed its doors and the next closest has had horrible customer service for my 2011 9-5. I am getting tired of all the excuses and driving around a new car with no warranty or support.

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