Why It All Matters?

With the recent events of the We Are Many, We Are Saab, some people may reflect on things and wonder, can I make a difference by attending something like that? After receiving an email over the weekend from Michel Theriault, I would say yes and that all we do matters. Michel organized the We Are Many event in Montreal, Canada and from that has decided to take things to the next level.

Montreal has not had an active Saab club for some time now and at the urging of some of the participants, Michel has started a webpage with a forum to connect with Saab fan’s and an ultimate goal of restarting the Montreal Saab club. Judging by the photo below, there are plenty of Saab fan’s in Montreal and I am sure the re-launch of the Saab Club will be a success.

Saab clubs are a very cool thing to be a part of and witnessing some of these clubs come together is something in itself. We have a club out here in BC and when they have met at our dealership in the past, it has been like watching family arrive for a celebration. Everyone getting out of their Saab’s with grins on their faces being met by other members happy to see each other again. I don’t think there is a better way to explain it other then a family coming together.

I wish all the success in the world to Michel and the soon to be relaunched Saab Club from Montreal. If you are in the Montreal area, please visit the website link and show your support.

22 thoughts on “Why It All Matters?”

  1. As a proud member of the old Saab Club de Montreal, all I can say is ‘At last, and where do I sign up?’ By the way, that’s my son and I standing way, way at the back in the photo 🙂

    Great initiative Michel. Merci/Thank you!

  2. I was at a meeting 2 weeks ago about relauching the montreal Saab club. A lot of ideas on the table, we just need more people to go forward!!

  3. Very glad to help get the word out for you guys. Judging by the turn out for the We Are Many event, I would think you could get a group together in no time. The size of your group is not the most important part of the group, what matters is the heart behind it and from what I see, you guys have that covered. Good luck Michel and everyone in Montreal.

  4. That’s great!
    Can I become a member of the BC Saabclub, even if I live in Europe? 😉
    BC & AB happen to be my favorite summer vacation destinations…

  5. Any tips on how to restart and grow a club? We are trying to renew the Carolina Saab Club down here and we had a great turn out for the Save Saab event but it is spread out over 2 states and we have thrown around the idea of local chapters of the club that meet on a more regular basis (monthly) and then have an overall meeting a couple of times a year. What should we include in our meetings to get people more interested?

    • For the Carolina Saab Club, where do the majority of the members live? If you prefer to message me that info, please do!

      • Several of us live in the Raleigh area but there are some towards Greensboro and groups of people in Charlotte NC/Columbia SC area, Greenville SC, and Charleston SC that I know about. We had around 50 people/cars show up for the Save Saab event in January from across both states. We don’t have an official “membership” other than just “liking” the Facebook Page right now.

        • personally I don’t know that you need an official “membership” so much as you just need people. Your FB page seems to have a large number of followers and that is a good start and a great way to communicate. In starting or growing a club, I think the most important thing is to get people together and do stuff. Plan for once a month to meet somewhere where you can talk about your cars, do a rally, do just about anything. Even if a group starts as three or four people getting together once a month, it’s a good place to start. People that own Saabs love to talk about their Saabs almost as much as they like to drive them and even if a group starts small, people will take notice of your activity on your facebook page or website and want to start attending. If you want to get a free website, even wordpress does that as I’ve been playing with their free site myself and it gives a lot of free functions. You have lots of options to take advantage of but more then anything, you need to get out there and do stuff together.

  6. Michel/Jason: please keep us up to date on this initiative. I am sure there are some of us in the Ottawa region who would be interested in participating in your events from time to time.

    • That sounds really cool. I won’t be attending as we’re on opposite sides of the country, but if the two clubs get together, please let us know.

    • There is in fact another car club (very historic brand like Saab) based in the Montreal area, whose area of membership is defined as follows:
      Province of Quebec and Southeastern Ontario (includes Ottawa & area east of line between North Bay, and Gananoque).
      Could work for a new Montreal based Saab Club also?

    • Hi, you have a good idea. You are welcome to go on the “Members” section of our bilingual web site (http://clubsaab.weebly.com) and fill the on-line form to become a member, it’s free! If you wish we can also post a picture of your Saab next to your name (see the Members section). Make sure you visit the “Activities” section. Let us know if you have any activity recommendation.

      Thanks to Saabs United, we now have 15 members in just a few days!

      • Looks like up to 18 now! We had about 25 cars at the ‘We are Many, We are Saab’ event, plus a few that didn’t make it, so should be able to get at least that.

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