Italian Passion Saab the 20th

Passione Saab 20th by Dimitri.

This Year, the oldest Saab Club in Italy, Saab Club Italia celebrates it’s 20 Years.

For this celebration, they organised a great meeting in the lakes country in the north of Milano nearby Varese.

As I participate 15 years ago to one of this Saab Club Italia meeting, we decided to go and celebrate with our italian friends.

We took our oldest Saab, the 99 with Triumph engine 1750cc and passed trough The Alps on the train to go to Italy.

After this nice trip we arrived at the meeting point at the Volandia Museum, an aircraft museum in an ancient airplaine factory « Officine Caproni ».

On Saturday, we had a guided tour in this nice museum and afterwards we went to our hotel nearby a small lake.

We had a very Italian dinner with antipasti, primi piatti (risotto and pasta), secundi piatti (meat), dolce, caffè and of course grappa.

On Sunday we met the other participants on the Lido della Schiranna. 33 cars and about 60 people participate to this meeting. We had great cars : 93B, 95, 96 two stroke, 96 V4, 97 (Sonett III), 99, 900, 900NG, 9-3, 9-3NG, 9-5NG and even a 9-7x !

With all those car we had a nice trip around those lakes and made a nice coffee stop on a pedestrian area. The Province of Varese was really helpful and allow the Saab Club Italia to go on those nice areas.

After this trip, we had a great lunch at the Restorante I Fontanili wich is in an old restorated building. During the lunch weh ad the possibility to show some of our modelcars in front of the cups and other gifts tot eh participants.

All this week-end was really perfect organised and we want to thanks Franco, Davide and all they’re helpers for what they’ve done during this week-end and fort he organisation !

Dimitri and Frederic (

Link to our pictures:

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7 thoughts on “Italian Passion Saab the 20th”

  1. Retro just doesn’t get any better than that.

    Being half Italian and part Swedish, I find it quite intriguing to watch the Italian Saab following. And yes, I could use some good Antipasti right about now.

  2. Saab had a long history in Italy.

    In the 1990’s* they sold over 6000 cars through Sidauto.
    Edoardo Pagani, the owner of Sidauto, died and the business declined until being eventually taken over by Saab around 2000.

    Odoardo’s legacy was the dark mettalic Odoardo Grey colour option.

    *There were taxation problems with cars over 2l and the Saab 2l engine produced 185bhp with Saab rechip ( and much more in the right hands !) – one of the most powerful 2l engines available at the time.

  3. That is one huge event! I looked at all the pics. Made me feel very passionate. I had a similar ’76 white Saab 99 4dr ‘ injection automatic’, (with rear Saab mud flaps and all) ,which I sold in 1990 to a guy who worked at a Tool and Die shop and wanted it for his wife. Should have kept it, but at what cost.

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