19 thoughts on “Last 9-3 Griffin: Photos of the day, May 16th”

      • Be happy that it’s in white, over here we have ugly big size bright yellow plates that can only bring some joy if the car is bright yellow as well πŸ™

  1. I like the “old friend from the past”, the red 95, in the picture from the museum.
    That’s a nice support! πŸ™‚

    Good photos, beautiful car.

    • Yes, in Sweden it is legal to use fog lights in combination with parking lights instead of halvljus (literally “half-lights” in Swedish, the standard daytime running lights).

    • In sweden it is actually a law that you have to drive with normal lights or indicator + fog-lights on during daytime. Fog-lights are allowed as long as the sun is up and after that normal lights must be used.

    • I Was driving (Sweden) with fog lights and parking lights during the day. It cost me 1500 Sek.
      -” It is not by the law after 01/01/2012″ … refer to the “man of the law” also called the police who stop me.
      Normal lights for daytime and no foglights, was the information he gave me, besides a ticket of 1.500 Swedish Krons.
      If hes right or wrong I don’t know but it cost me anyway.

      BTW, Nice pic’s

      • The wikipedia article (http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimstr%C3%A5lkastare) points to http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/19981276.htm (claims to be up-to-date AFAICT) which states that in day-time, you can use fog lights. Dawn/dusk OTOH seems to be off-limits.

        I’m not sure I fully appreciate the problem though. Yes, sure, normal lights + fog lights in the evening tend to annoy me, but fog lights alone I have never seen as problematic? At dawn/dusk the normal lights do nothing for me, and I believe the fog lights suffice plenty for my opponents to spot me.

        *shrug*. IMO the police should not waste their time policing someone driving with fog lights in the middle of the day.

        That said, thanks for the compliments guys.

        • I agree, no rule stating that you are not allowed to use fog-lights and parking lights at the same time, I even called the police just to check and they say that the only combination not legal is normal day-time lights (low-beam) and fog-lights.

          @leriksso, I think you should demand your money back! =)

          • Same here in Norway. This might be a EU regulation? Norway isn’t a member of EU ( πŸ™‚ ), but we more or less follow EU regulations though……

            Nice pictures, Tim, I love them!

          • I still got the “papper”. Maybe my attetude wasn’t the best as I wasn’t just got a warning and told to switch them off and that he was very quick to write the boot, If it’s ok to have parking+fog-lights during the daytime I shoure will clame my 1.500 Sek back as I can have a lot more fun with the money.

            • I think there is a time-frame of 90 days that you can object to these, but the best thing to do is not to accept the fine at all, because then the police is forced to produce evidence on the matter. Have been in a similar situation once where the police said that it was too dark to only use fog-lights and parking lights…

  2. Really is a great car, I feel proud to be part-owner! Keep the photos comming, especially from the event this coming weekend πŸ™‚

  3. A truly beautiful car… I am looking forward to seeing it “in person” during my visit to Sweden in August.

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