Last 9-3 Griffin, the handover on Saturday 26th

As previously reported, Saturday was the day the last 9-3 was handed over to the museum. The turnout was decent and the remaining Saabs got plenty of attention. On a personal note, I put my name down to reserve a 9-3 TTiD and there are two other people also interested in that one. I have to tomorrow to decide… Anyway:

The following family pictures gives a glimpse into what I experienced during that day. Since I was part of the tail-end of the convoy, I did not get any pictures near the factory. Someone followed the wrong Saab out of ANA and I guess it is a miracle we did not end up at a shopping mall. 🙂

I would like to say a big ‘thank you!’ to all of you who contributed. Also be sure to check out MapTun’s event next weekend.

Pictures follows after the jump.

6 thoughts on “Last 9-3 Griffin, the handover on Saturday 26th”

  1. Re; The 96 “monster”. Two three cylinder two stroke engines married together

    It looks like a nightmare trying to get the timing right on this with 2 distributors.

    Somehow, but not quite the same, reminds me of trying to tune the SU carburettors on the big Jaguar V8 engines

  2. Lovely bright pictures there guys. I love it in the white paint. It’s a shame in a way that it will just sit and do nothing for most of it’s life now, but it serves a symbolic purpose to all who love SAABs, or merely have an interest in the brand and it’s history and that is also an important thing to preserve.

    While this was going on i was power washing the patio for 4 hours. i know where i would rather have been but a good job was done non-the-less!!

    Looks like you enjoyed your day guys, and congratulations on a successful handover!

  3. The very last Saab 96 -also present in the museum- has a production number on its windshield (it was somewhere around the 730.000th Saab 96 produced, IIRC). Maybe the museum can do the same with this 9-3? Just an idea.

  4. Fantastic accomplishment guys, congratulations to all the lads and gals involved in this hystorical event! It was to my great and heartwarming pleasure to watch all the photos. Very emotional indeed.

    Trust you all had a one-off fantastic day to remember!

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