Painting the Picture

As I left my home to get to work this morning the weather could not have been more fitting. Half of the sky was sunny, the other half filled with black rain clouds. And as I got to my Saab the biggest rainbow in years showed up. I enjoyed the sight a lot and to a degree took it as a sign after those indications we got yesterday on how the bidding process has developed.

As I expected, last night’s post brought up very mixed emotions on the future of Saab. This may be caused by the name of the potential winning company, National Electric Vehicle Sweden. But as far as all sources I could reach told me this name is a bit misleading as it is not about pure electric vehicles, the main focus is said to be hybrids. Sounds like an evil word, as it is in most heads tied to the ugly face of the prius but we must not forget that a car with a 1.6 twin turbo BioPower engine and eAAM rear axle technology is also a hybrid. And I can see nothing scary about that.

To pick up last night’s post – the core values of Saab we all are so fond of consist mainly of safety, responsible performance, fun to drive, practicability… There is no reason why a car that carries those values can’t be a hybrid. Even more, with clever concepts, this could reassign Saab to be a technology leader, give a unique selling point. To me this feels like transcribing what Saab stood for twenty years ago into the modern automotive world, at best even outperforming the competition.

I urge you not to draw premature conclusions before definite info on their business plan is available. Stay as open minded as we want ourselves to be. Rest assured, this is miles away from the first pure electrical consortium thing. It is rather something that can bring us exciting cars, just on advanced technology.

Looking at National Electric Vehicle Sweden this company is most likely a vehicle to bundle the efforts and investments of a few players. So it is no surprise it was founded just recently. The managers listed in the board bring along lots of experience in their fields. I am not sure if we will ever get to know all parties behind this but as far as I was told, they are no small players.

Some may be disappointed as they really hoped for Mahindra to take over but there is no reason for that. Go figure: Mahindra have been the forerunner at the receivers and all the sudden NEVS is there in the lead. At the same time Mahindra was not seen leaving. I leave the conclusion up to you.

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If it (hybrid + turbo powertrain) is good ’nuff for Porschefiles, a future hybridized turbo’d Saab is damned good ’nuff for me: “The Panamera S Hybrid shares specs with the Cayenne S Hybrid, like our very own long termer. Both planet saving goliaths produce 333 horsepower from a 3.0 liter supercharged V-6 and can muster an additional 47 horses from an AC electric motor. For comparison, the 4.8 liter V-8 Panamera S puts out an even 400 horsepower. The Hybrids have the clear advantage in torque however with the V-8 producing 369 lb-ft and the Hybrid throwing out a… Read more »

David Lawrence

If anyone in a position to influence is reading this, here is some input from the Northeast USA. A little background: My first SAAB was a 1986 904M -(non-turbo) I went for the non-turbo to avoid spending the thousands I would undoubtedly had to spend to pay speeding fines. I loved the car, and nearly cried when I sold it to move overseas. I corrected my first error on my return by buying a 9-5 Aero Sedan. I was older and could afford the speeding fines. As my need for freight transport grew, I added a 9-5 SC, which I… Read more »


Great post, David. My thoughts exactly.

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