Race One – TTA – Racing Elite League 2012 – Karlskoga Motorstadion

For the ones among us that could see the race, here is a summary of the great victory of Linus Ohlsson driving a Saab silhouette.

It is in Swedish, but the pictures are enough to understand the plot of the race.

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10 thoughts on “Race One – TTA – Racing Elite League 2012 – Karlskoga Motorstadion”

  1. yep….never understood a b….. word but fantastic to see SAAB win and be out front where they should always be…….lets all drink to a good result hopefully this week

  2. These cars are so heavily modified that they only real representation of their shell is exactly that! Regardless, nice eye candy for sure!

  3. That felt great. Thanks Linus Ohlsson for the aggressive drive, and thanks to the team for adopting the SAAB grill and logo.

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