SAAB USA Parts Now Shipping To Canada

Great news for Canadians that are having trouble getting parts, Saab USA Parts which is run by Fred Shaw and his team, are now delivering to Canadians. In his email to us below, he explains:

I hope all is well for you.  I have some exciting news about our operation that I would like to share with you and the Saabs United community.  For awhile now, we have been receiving many requests and inquiries from our Canadian friends to the North, but have not been able to provide parts since we were not equipped to ship outside the United States.  We have solved this problem and are happy to announce that we can now fulfill orders to Canada regularly.  We are very excited    about this new market and look forward to forming   many new business relationships. 

To access their website, just click the image above and check them out. If you remember, Shaw Saab was one of the founding Saab dealers in the US and was in business for 44 years. Fred has stayed committed to the brand by keeping the parts business to service many new and old customers and coming into Canada is just another of the many ways he continues to show that commitment to Saab owners.

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Woohooo, like freakin’ “A”, eh ? 🙂

Peter Doyle

I wish we could start doing something about back orders and the parts that are in sweden. We need to start getting those parts here in the US. We are runing out of parts and customers are running out of patience, and who can blame them. I now have a car that needs a fuel pump, there are currently 30 on back order, At that rate the car will be out of warrenty before we get the part and GM will not offer any goodwill no matter the circumstances. Another has been at the dealership over a month waiting for… Read more »


Peter, Jeff from the old TAT days. I sense that this is going to loosen up in the coming weeks. Saab Parts AB, as you are aware is starting operations here in the U.S. SCNA is not ordering anything from Sweden right now, as they are wrapping up operations. Just a tough couple weeks for us. We have Di’s in stock. Saab ones. PM me if you need one.


Yaaayy!! 😀


I’m a customer of SAAB USA Parts and I can tell you their service and prices are great! Buy with confidence!

No 9

Excellent news!


Unfortunately it looks like they are using UPS. UPS charges exorbitant fees for handing duties and brokerage. While I welcome any new SAAB parts option, I would ask that they offer a USPS option vs UPS.


Good to see Shaw/SAABUSAParts available again for us Canadians. I purchased an ignition cassette from them last year for a great price and received it in quick order from them. Excellent customer service by email and over the phone. Highly recommended – especially with our Canadian dollar at par.


I’ve been trying for months to find a new key for a 2009 SAAB 9-5 and I can’t find one. I lost the key and have only one left and have heard if anything happens and I lose the second it will be $$$$$ to have the computer replaced. Seems like the real problem is getting the parts from Sweden to the USA.


I added the Saab USA Parts link on the “Club Saab du Québec” web site.–recommendations.html

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