The World Is Watching Us Followup

Last week I wrote about how the world media was watching us and how the totals just kept climbing. Never once was I worried about hitting the target, I knew we could do this and that our readers and fans of Saab would support this. Since hitting and surpassing that target, I have been checking to see what has been written in the different media outlets. Below is a list of some of the different links that I have found and what they had to say.

Chicago Tribune

the group’s members raised extra funds to support the museum


Today Saabs United has reached its goal. Collectively over 28,500 euros (about $37,500) has been raised, no small sum. The remaining amount of money will be donated to the Saab Museum in Trollhattan.

The Motor Report

The website’s community scraped together more than enough to pay the roughly $48,000 price for the last 9-3. The group says it will contribute the remaining amount to the Saab Museum.

The Local

More than 600 diehard Saab fans have assisted in the collection of the money which will be duly converted to Swedish kronor and transferred to a Swedish bank in order to pay the invoice from ANA, the firm responsible for selling the vehicle.


Congratulations are in order: Saabs United has raised enough money to buy the last Saab 9-3

Origo Hungarian

The initiative was successful, the money accumulated in time.

Motor Authority

Profi-Forex Russian

Auto Tehnika Latvian

Autoclub Bulgarian

Auto Nieuws Dutch

This is just an unbelievable story to watch, follow and support. I feel that this is something we can all be proud of. This is one of those legacy like moments where we have made a definite difference and it is being felt across the world. What we have all done is saved a car that will be seen by everyone who enters the museum and it will be known to all that the 9-3 was a donation from fans for fans to enjoy. I just want to once again thank everyone that made this vision a reality, we could have never done it without you all.

Notify of

This is a great show of strength and devotion to SAAB by fans with SU team 🙂


Keep looking for the results from Swedish Racing in Karlskoga Saturday 12:th May TTA “Flash” Engineering Team –


Wow, Saab is in Pole Position.

Michael Specht
Angelo V.

This should also prove as proof to the automotive industry that Saab owners/fans are more passionate about their brand than those of most other car makers. I sort of doubt the “millions and millions” of Chevrolet/GM owners will collect enough to send the last Chevy Volt to a museum!


Perhaps this has been mentioned elsewhere- but for those of us that want to give money to the Museum since we missed dontaing for the last 9-3, has there been anything set up to do so?


Right now there is no way to do that =( But a system is being worked on. We’re also working on a number of products for the Saab Cars Museum that you can buy online and in such help the museum.

A government institution which the museum is right now regarded, is not allowed to accept “raw” cash… so the only way to support is to go there and pay entry-fee or to buy products from the museum shop.


Thanks, Tim. I look forward to being able to purchase a poster or hat or something or simply make a contribution.


I wanna visit the Saab Museum. 🙂


Cannot they legally sell tickets online ? I guess money received this way would be taxed, but still better than nothing. (this should have been a post to the discussion about museum accepting cash)


The purchase of the last 9-3 by fans of the brand really illustrates the brand power that Saab still has, I really hope that the bidders are taking note of this and will only build upon it if they successfully buy the company.

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