TTA – Racing Elite first Tests

It is along time since my last post, but I thought It’s time to give you an update on the preparation for the Swedish TTA Racing championship.

Next weekend the first race of the Swedish TTA RAing elite league will start on the Karlskoga circuit. In the meantime from May 2 till May 5 some test runs have been done on the Anderstorp Raceway and the Karlskoga Motorstadion. The test have shown that the teams and drivers are quite even, which means that all the reaces will very interesting.

This are the three diferent colours that I will like to see in the podium in all, or at least most of the races.

Both drivers, Robin Rudholm (car #2) and Mattias Andersson (car #20) of the Flash Engineering team will be driving a 9-3 with this white blue red livery.

Linus Ohlsson (car #3) from team Tidö will be driving a black 9-3 with golden letters.

And Daniel Hangölf (car #37) also from team Tidö will be sporting this black&white livery.

(BTW, I was very surprised to hear that Poker Wallenberg Jr. is behind team Tidö.)

I like the black and golden livery most, it remembers me from the old JpS F1 Lotus team and I’m looking forward how the Saab drivers will perform, also hoping that we then will know about the future of the Saab brand as a car manufacturer.

And for the ones that like the sound of speed, a short film of the first test days after the jump.

8 thoughts on “TTA – Racing Elite first Tests”

  1. Variation on a theme: Congratulations to the guys at Flash Engineering and Team Tido. Looks good. I’ll be up at Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI this weekend as a spectator. Friend of mine is running his Dodge Viper at the NARRA(N. American Road Racing Assoc.) GT2 events. I’ll be there with my red 900, license plate:’SPYKER”. If anyones in the area lets get together for a BUD.

  2. Nice to see that Saab is sponsoring motorsport again. Before you all start bashing me, let me explain. One of the Saabs is sponsored by Combitech, Combitech is a company 100% owned by Saab AB. My guess is that since Saab AB is a defence and security company, sponsoring motorsport is the wrong venue for them but they wanted to contribute to the Saab tribute and put forward Combitech to do this.

  3. Such a shame, It took great restraint to not toss things during the great coverage they had here with the V-8 series from OZ. That race series would have put Saab on the map if only has a “Halo” car, on such wishes we beggars ride, if only in our dreams. Not seeing a Saab on the tail of a Beemer or better yet, lapping a BMW I could barely last five minutes before watching a M.A.S.H. rerun or Andy of Mayberry. 🙁

  4. Love the video ,hope to see the whole race posted also ,cause i am here in florida & can’t make it there to see the race live ,so please & for the love of god post the whole race here or on youtube for the world to see ,and thanks again, my blood is flowing through my veins again just watching that video ,cool!!!!!!.

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