Calling All Saab Clubs And Fans

Now the title may sound like a call to action and I guess in a way it is. We keep seeing comments about this, that and the other on NEVS and how they should or shouldn’t be doing business and as I keep pointing out, I for one am willing to wait and see before I pass harsh and rash judgement. My call to action if you will is to see some stories on Saab Clubs or fan stories about meeting others with this passion of ours and the friendships that have come out of this thing called Saab.

When I first began reading stories on Saabs United and meeting Saab people, the thing that struck me was the way the people were bonded. The first time I read comments on Saabs United, it struck me that even in the comments sections of posts that the readers seemed to know each other, now in most cases obviously not face to face knowing each other but none the less they seemed to enjoy conversing on this blog. Working in a Saab dealership the thing I noticed with the Saab people was a love to talk about Saab and more so about their cars which is great for someone like me that loves cars.

One of the first things I looked into when exploring all things Saab was Saab Clubs. A club is something you belong to and brings like minded people together and the knowledge shared is one of the best benefits of belonging. I was excited to know that in BC we had a strong club that met regularly and were eager to come see us when we became a Saab dealer. Since the first time they visited we have seen many of them come back to visit as a group or just in for a visit or service work. The Saab Club Of Western Canada is a great bunch of people who I enjoy immensely when they visit and they have taken part in events like the Save Saab in the past as well as the We Are Many recently to show their support.

Saab Club Of Western Canada

It may sound cheesy to some but to me it is very important to stay “United” through all that is going on. Don’t take this the wrong way because I don’t mean it to sound disrespectful but I don’t care what side of the NEVS fence you are on and I don’t care if you think Saab will never come back even though I don’t share those thoughts. What I do care about is that we are still a community and if I in any way can help to continue bringing that community together then I will keep doing what I do and unlike some, I will keep going and I welcome all of you to stick around and be a part of that ride.

If you are a Saab Club out there, please share your story of history of how the club formed, how many members, how often you meet and send me photo’s of one of your meets or photo’s of your history. I really want to profile as many clubs as we can find to take part of this to have a nice idea of all the people around us and why Saab will always be important to us. If you are a fan who has made some lifelong friendships through Saab cars, do the same. Email me through the [email protected] or personally email me at [email protected] Let’s bring some fun back, these are the little things that will always be a part of the bigger things and make us different.

Chris’s team to the rescue

My good friends at Chris Hamley Saab Specialists in Devon came to the rescue of a sick saab 96 as he and his owner, Mr Bjorkman from Stockholm, toured the area.
While here, the trusty 96 developed a misfire which Chris and his team were able to sort for him. I’m not sure which way he travelled but he is almost 2,500km from home.

Also they fixed the passenger door which hasn’t opened for some time. One very happy 96 owner !!!!


Summer, Long Weekends And The Open Road

As we head into the summer months and people look to long weekends and holidays, it’s time to look at venturing out onto the open roads again. This weekend is for Canadians, the Canada Day long weekend which celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. Originally called Dominion Day, the name was changed to Canada Day in 1982 when the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day is celebrated throughout Canada and internationally and is commonly referred to as Canada’s birthday, so happy birthday Canada.

With next weekend being the Fourth Of July or Independence Day long weekend in the USA, this brings us to a busy couple of weeks of driving and enjoying what Saab has given us. In North America or at least where I am in Canada, these weekends turn into crazy retail shopping weekends and quick trips to either sides of the borders. So what better time then now to plan a road trip away from border line ups?

The best way to enjoy your Saab is to drive it, get to know your back roads take the long way home, plan some trips with friends. I know our local Saab Club SCWC is planning to get together over the long weekend to enjoy their cars together, what do you have planned?

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks talking about the new possible directions of Saab and have had a lot of heated debate about it all which is to be expected. Lets go back to basics here and talk about the cars for a minute and how you plan to enjoy your Saab. Over the summer holidays, do you plan on buying another Saab? New or used doesn’t matter here in my question as I think for dealers, both are equally important. Where do you plan to take your Saab over the holidays and long weekends? Are you taking part in any of the big Saab events coming up? Are you going to do a Hirsch or Maptun upgrade? Essentially, what do you have planned for your Saab, yourself and just for fun.

My intent here is to be off topic and just discus our cars and driving, not so much the business. Lets have fun with this and share together.

Explore The Open Road


The Future Isn’t So Far Away

As the sale of Saab’s assets to NEVS reaches a head this summer, it will be almost three years since its last sale to Spyker. Amazingly their ownership of Saab feels like a blip in that whole spanse, which was more or less plagued by scandals, production stoppages, and dramatic sales. Yet Spyker was able to initiate several structural changes not only to Saab’s model portfolio through the development of the Phoenix platform, but also structural changes to its work force and third party sourced engineering expertise with companies like eAAM, Vicura, ZF, and True Electric. Three years, and yet here we are, without a Saab to buy and with no real promise that we’ll ever be able to drive a traditional gas powered Saab off a new car dealer lot again.

So what could the next three years bring? Three years ago, Tesla introduced the Model S in a big media splash. The company’s founder, Elon Musk, an internet billionaire, risked his entire fortune on his two startups, SpaceX and Tesla. The former just launched the first successful commercial space flight to dock with the International Space Station, so it’s clear this man can multitask. Some think of him as a cocky arrogant prick, I’m not one of them– he’s a visionary who sees obstacles and blasts through them. We’ve seen the arguments against his company (especially in comments sections of websites including our own) lambasting the company as a fly by night and their first car, the roadster, as a rich man’s go cart. Well, that go cart’s inflated price didn’t hurt sales to those rich men, who in turn helped subsidize the development of their real first car of note, the Model S.

Read moreThe Future Isn’t So Far Away

Saab Car Museum Support Organization – First Meeting

Finally a support organization for the Saab Car Museum is emerging. None of our team made it there but Tom from was there to fill the void. Many thanks to Tom for sharing it with us:

Margareta Hallin and Peter Backström

Last friday the first meeting to found a support organisation for the Saab Car Museum took place in Trollhättan. Generally it can be said that a lot of things have turned out very positive since our last visit. While two months ago the worries about a long term solution were all around, the future looks more bright now. 36 poeple showed up to join the meeting and enjoy coffee and sweet pastries.

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Nineteen Saabs. One weekend. Three point one million miles.

Last weekend we featured “The HIgh Mile Club” as written by Paul, he was very over welmed by the responce and added these words to his web site.
We at SU also want to thank you for taking the time to send him your photographs.

On Friday I set up a new page here on Saab vs. Scepticism – The High Mile Club, RobinM very kindly posted it on Saabs United Saturday morning, and I’ve been smiling ever since.

I imagined it being a page that honoured our high mile Saabs and proved just how beautifully crafted they are. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the fantastic response I’ve had from every part of the globe; UK, Sweden and Netherlands to the United States, Australia and the Republic of San Marino, and so far, with just 19 Saabs added, we’ve covered a combined 3,143,625.0 million miles, impressive.

Read moreNineteen Saabs. One weekend. Three point one million miles.

Starting June 28th: 900 Saabs at USA seaports hit the auction block

With all of the excitement surrounding NEVS winning the bid for the Saab bankruptcy estate, and the clamoring for information on enticing rumors of Mahindra & Mahindra getting back in the game for a full-on restart of the Saab brand: there is a piece of news that slipped under our radar.

Most of us probably remember, and frankly would rather forget, the tear-jerking sight of hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful new Saabs sitting idle at USA seaports (with the Newark port in New Jersey gaining the most attention).  As reported by SaabWorld, A total of 900 Saabs at USA seaports are being put up for auction by Ally Financial.

So why is it that this bank is getting involved?  As you may recall, in January of this year, SCNA defaulted on outstanding loans to Ally Financial.  As a result they have filed suit against SCNA and have seized the complete inventory of 151 cars at Port of Hueneme, California starting in January.  Now a date has been set and starting June 28th, the first batch of 45 cars will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Initially, only US Saab dealers will be eligible to participate, but the next batch will be fair game for rental car companies and car exporters.  Of course, company cars will be auctioned off as well.

What does this mean to those of us that live here in the United States?  Chances are, higher-volume dealerships (which tend to be towards the eastern end of the country), are especially likely to have some of these cars up for sale.  But what’s the chance that the next time one of us rents a car, that it will be a Spyker-era 9-3, 9-5 or 9-4X?   That remains to be seen.  Perhaps Hertz could use this opportunity to add some Saabs to their Prestige collection?  If you ask me: renting a brand-new Saab would be dangerous, as I wonder if could bring myself to return it.

What we know for sure is these cars have suffered a fate that was never meant for them to endure.  But, as Saab is about to start a new chapter in it’s life, we should take heart in the fact that many of these cars will find happy owners.  And during their very first drive, it is my hope they will take a step back: and realize what they have been missing.

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