Chris’s team to the rescue

My good friends at Chris Hamley Saab Specialists in Devon came to the rescue of a sick saab 96 as he and his owner, Mr Bjorkman from Stockholm, toured the area.
While here, the trusty 96 developed a misfire which Chris and his team were able to sort for him. I’m not sure which way he travelled but he is almost 2,500km from home.

Also they fixed the passenger door which hasn’t opened for some time. One very happy 96 owner !!!!


8 thoughts on “Chris’s team to the rescue”

  1. Ran one of those for 25 years! (same colour, but with chrome overriders. 1970 model). I agree with Ralph, the model that truly represents Saab.

  2. Great story, It’s nice to think that Saab people stick together and help each other.

    Gorgeous 96 for a European tour, just shows the strength of a Saab

  3. Good to see my local SAAB Indie on SU!
    Chris is a good guy and knows his stuff. The 9-3 I bought from his establishment has been a joy…

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