9 thoughts on “Griffin Key Fobs”

  1. WOW! Would you please keep 6 Griffin key fobs for me!

    I want to give two of them to Saab friends in Montreal to let them remember that I also have (a part of…) a Saab In Sweden. The two others will be for my 9-3 SS and my Turbo X and of course the others will be for my SAAB mechanics at SAAB Laval.


  2. Robin,

    As I am in Mail order, just thought I’d remind you the horrendous price increases in UK domestic & Airmail post from April.

    Sure you knew, but just thought I’d remind you!!..

  3. For those of you thinking of ordering a key chain, I have mine and I have to say the quality is great. Much like a dealer key chain, these are a stiff leather looking plastic/rubber material with the SU logo on one side and the 9-3 on the other. They are very strong and will take a lot of wear and tear to ever fall apart. Very well put together and a nice reminder whenever you look to your keys of what we all did.

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