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While checking the NEVS website that a lot of you have been critical about, I came across the following and don’t remember seeing it before. I only post this because I know a lot of former employees of Saab check this site on a regular bases and I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere with links and such. If you are a former employee, please send your info right away and check back from time to time at for new information as it becomes available or come back here as we will try to stay on top of this stuff.

Work with us

We will need many skilled employees. Recruitment will start during the summer. Initially we are looking for employees in management, development and management of our operations in Trollhättan.

On this page you will later find details on how you can get in contact with representatives for recruitment. In the meantime, if you are interested in a future with us please send an email to [email protected]

26 thoughts on “NEVS Job Posting”

  1. I think the best news we’ve seen yet: the people most devestated being out of work will start to see a revival of jobs. If SAAB is around in a few years, maybe I’ll get an engineering job there!

  2. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be wanting any college fresh corporate archival administration technicians. Haha I guess I can dream.

  3. I don’t mind applying to work as Official Car Detailer. OK scrub that, my car’s usually dirty as-is.

    Um, how about Official Concept Car Test Pilot ……. yeah ! 😀

  4. Wonderful news to hear the beast is starting to come out of suspended animation! Whatever NEVSAB’s plans are, they’ve had the guts to kick this off, and I wish them the very best.

    I suggest we should have a permanent link to their site from saabsunited somewhere. What think ye all?

  5. This the REAL stuff. While the rest of us around the world, SAAB enthusiasts all, agonise over the minutiae of the company’s rebirth, there are good, honest men and women in Trollhattan who might now get their livelihoods back. Of course we hope they will be making SAABs; I’m sure that they hope so too. But if they end up making electric vehicles with a new name specifically for China, they will still be the best people to do it because they are and always will be SAAB people and they deserve all our support, help and good wishes.

  6. I just send an email to them asking about re-employment of those who worked there prior to bakruptcy (production personell). Ofc when time comes. I wondered if those ppl, who have expirience and knowledge in LEAN production system, need to apply as well, like someone who never worked there, or they will be contacted and asked if they are still interessted to get back and work.
    I always imagened they are going to man it from above (someone help me translate certain positions im going to mention in swedish): They put up management/leading guys (to express my self that way, CEO and stuff), those point out Fabrikschefer who know which Produktionsverkstadschefer (PVC) they had in their factories (i.e Assembling factory). PVCs know which Arbetsledare they were responsible for and finaly Arbetsledare/Produktionsledare knows ppl that worked on their departments prior to bakruptcy and can make a call to ones they want back. There is no guarantee that all od those expirienced old wolfs wanna come back if they have already found a new job, but its nice thought.

      • Mind you, without the appearance of Theo Walcott it would have been a very different story. Credit to Roy Hodgson (a friend of Sweden, although not last night). Stackars Sverige!

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