Nineteen Saabs. One weekend. Three point one million miles.

Last weekend we featured “The HIgh Mile Club” as written by Paul, he was very over welmed by the responce and added these words to his web site.
We at SU also want to thank you for taking the time to send him your photographs.

On Friday I set up a new page here on Saab vs. Scepticism – The High Mile Club, RobinM very kindly posted it on Saabs United Saturday morning, and I’ve been smiling ever since.

I imagined it being a page that honoured our high mile Saabs and proved just how beautifully crafted they are. I’ve been absolutely blown away by the fantastic response I’ve had from every part of the globe; UK, Sweden and Netherlands to the United States, Australia and the Republic of San Marino, and so far, with just 19 Saabs added, we’ve covered a combined 3,143,625.0 million miles, impressive.

What has made it so exciting, is hearing the Saab stories we all have to tell, it proves just how much they become part of our lives; some passed down through generations of families, others with diplomatic histories but all, without exception, utterly loved.

Saabs seem to command loyalty, and no matter what the future holds, our original Saabs are here to stay. I set the mileage benchmark at 100,000+ miles as this is a genuine barrier for a lot of people, but what I’ve quickly discovered, is that this barrier doesn’t exist with Saab owners, it seems the higher the mileage the better, it’s a kind of badge of honour.

I’d love to see the newly established global Saab Parts Companies take this on and see just how important they are, our Saabs need to be cared for and maintained for many more millions of miles, so maybe with benchmarks set at 100 / 250 / 500 / 750,0000 miles + anyone reaching the benchmarks gets a well earned free overhaul, a bit of genuine Saab tlc shall we say.

I’m sure I’ll receive many more Saabs to add to the collection, and I plan to share some of the great stories I’ve received too, but a huge thank you for proving my point; our Saabs are here to stay, and they’re built to last a lifetime of journeys.

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Allright. I’ve got 2 SAAB’s, a 900 Classic, with about 535.000km’s, but that one is garaged, i’m driving at this moment a SAAB 9000 with about 430.000km and earlier I had a SAAB 900 Classic, but that one is wrecked after an accident and that one had drove about 520.000km. These 3 SAAB’s i’ve bought second hand. The first one, that was wrecked was and is still my favorit and was a blue 4dr. SAAB 900 GLs Sedan from 1981. The other SAAB 900 is a green 4 dr. 900c Sedan from 1988 and the SAAB 9000 is a blue… Read more »

Peter Gilbert

What is also remarkable with the mileage are the sum of the components to make this mileage possible. Having driven 3,100,000 miles since 1967 with all my SAABs: I look back on the 18 semi-tanker trucks of gasoline; the 312 tires (78 sets of 4) 6 clutches; 400 oil filters; 550 gallons of oil including transmission; 35 brake jobs (for 4 wheels); 25 mufflers; 350 spark plugs; The liquid measurement is in US Gallons, including translating my Imperial gallons from my 96 2-stoke in England which had the extra oil-consumption. These are a very accurate estimates because of my constant… Read more »

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