Press Release from Saab Parts UK

Saab Parts UK Continues to operate as an Independent Company following the sale of Saab Automobile AB.

■Saab Automobile Parts AB and Saab Parts UK continues to operate as an independent company following the sale of Saab Automobile AB
■Swedish National Debt Office announces ownership of Saab Automobile Parts AB and its global subsidiaries
■Saab Parts UK continues to serve Saab customers with Saab Genuine Parts and aftersales service

Following yesterday’s announcement that the Administrators of Saab Automobile AB had signed an agreement with National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) for the sale of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Powertrain AB and Saab Automobile Tools AB, the Swedish National Debt Office announced that the State will take over the ownership of Saab Automobile Parts AB and its global subsidiaries including the UK and North American market.

Since the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB in December 2011, Saab Parts UK has continued to provide its network of 88 Saab Authorised Repairers with Saab genuine parts, accessories and technical support.

Corin Richards, Managing Director of Saab Parts UK, said: “There are around 188,000 Saab cars on UK roads that we need to provide a service for and we will continue to offer customers a parts and customer care facility as well as attractively priced Saab used cars. We now also look forward to working with our parent company, Saab Automobile Parts AB, and the new owner of Saab Automobile AB on future business opportunities once the sale process is completed.”

12 thoughts on “Press Release from Saab Parts UK”

  1. Fantastic news, it meansI’ll be driving our 3 gorgeous Saabs around for many, many years to come. Thanks Saab Parts UK 🙂

    I look forward to adding some time honoured miles to all 3 of mine.

  2. It might be nice to have some sort of update on whether or not all parts can be sourced and, if not, what steps are being taken to make sure that a fully comprehensive parts list will be available in due course and when that may be. There would be nothing worse for confidence in the second-hand market than if news were to appear here or elsewhere that there are parts shortages and long delays in sourcing. Statements of intent are all very well and good, but insufficient in themselves to engender confidence. Facts do that.

  3. I’m hoping this will result in a bit of a shakedown in parts prices.

    In the UK the price of Saab parts is often many times the price of the same part (with same GM part number) from a Vauxhall dealer. Saab independent repairers have been supplying these parts and saving owners money. Now, of course, all the Saab authorised repairers are independent. Some are the old franchised dealers, some are the old “independents” that have come on board.

    If the independents have signed up to buy only from Saab Parts UK, their prices will rise and I could see then losing business. The whole set up need a good sort out with someone taking a “realistic view”. Even labour rates at the old dealers could drop to those of the independents as the overheads of keeping a showroom to Saab demands has gone. No more glass. No more fancy displays. no more white tile floors……… Could be cheap! 🙂

    • with regard to labour rates you should be right
      Cambridgesaab have reduced labour rates by 30% since demise of Saab new car sales
      its a big saving

    • I remember buying a part from BOSH independent dealer £15.00, SAAB authorised dealer £55.00. The SAAB part was made by BOSH, and in common use in many European cars. As we have, no warranties to maintain lets hope the parts become more realistic in price. As on my TDI Turbo to many parts just say GM not SAAB.

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