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There has been a lot of people in comments saying that everyone from Saab is gone or that all that was good has moved on. In an article posted on ttela today, we find a different story. The story starts by stating that 60 former key persons at Saab are ready to provide services to a new owner. These people they say know more about the Saab brand and its concrete content than perhaps any other.

Here are the key points to me that are laid out in the ttela article:

We are a 60 or so people who can make off distance significantly shorter when you want to start car production again, said Stig-Göran Larsson, former technical development manager at Saab.

I have been in contact with the administrators and offered our services. With our help, you could shorten the time for a restart with two or three months, says Larsson.

Stig-Göran Larsson has also attached a document in the letter to the administrators, in which he lists as the 60th century, people can contribute. On the personnel side, it is among other things to help with names for recruiting, on the purchasing side contacts with all Saab suppliers, on the marketing side of the contacts with the now destroyed dealer network and, particularly, in the technical evaluation of how and what will need to change the existing Saab models for GM retains its negative stance.

He also touches on the Phoenix platform and what would need to be replaced should GM continue to have a negative view on Saab. Thankfully this seems quite simple.

Yes, the drivetrain will need to be replaced.

There is also mention of other names on the list of 60. I think he has some good company there too.

Among those he mentions, which are linked to network, hear Kjell ac Bergström, former President of Saab / GM Powertrain, Jorgen Burnert, former deputy head of personnel and with them a number of other key individuals who have been involved in Saab’s journey over the past few decades. What exactly they can help with is of course dependent on the business plan for a new owner has.

At the end of this article he says he has confidence in Mahindra and Youngman as they have an arrangement to restart based on the existing Saab technology. I’m not sure how this arrangement works because of the always in the back of our minds GM issues, but this does interest me. In regards to NEVS, he feels less certain of what this group could contribute because he is not sure like the rest of us as to what their business plan is.

I think it’s important for us to not rush to judgement on any of the bidders as of yet because we don’t know the whole story. Like Till said yesterday, it really frustrates me that deadlines are never kept and that someone this far into negotiations can still come back with another offer and have the administrators slow things down again to look at it. Personally I want what’s best for Saab and the people that make it what it is. I won’t make the keep calm statement, but I will say that to those that think there is nothing left or that this is beyond hope, just know that there is still fight left in Saab and a lot of the fighters that have been fighting for years are still there and ready to step in.


21 thoughts on “Ready For A New Owner”

  1. Jason,

    Personally, I would much rather the administrators consider a new higher bid from YM, than see Saab broke up into ‘several’ parcels for sale by the them.

    I would also rather seem YM @ the helm than NEVs.

    I am also confused how the Chinese owned NEVs [51%] will get Goverment help, when YM will not!!.

    YM need’s Saab Parts AB, as if they win the bid, they will need a distribution parts network & if it is sold off separately YM would have to build a new separate network.

      • Er;

        ”National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB is owned by National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. (51%) and Sun Investment LLC (49%)”.

        National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. (51%) Hong Kong [China]
        Sun Investment LLC (49%)”. Japan

        • Yes, and since National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. is based in Hong Kong, it is under different rules and regulations that of mainland China.

  2. Well, still there seems to be much Saab spirit and brain power behind the curtain forming the new company. NEVS or whoever will be the owner – I am confident that in the end we will have a modern Saab company in the long term. I think playing poker will end soon. 😉

  3. Since the receivers seem more than willing to look at late bids, could someone please get on the phone with M&M and convince them to come back to the table? Please.

  4. Good message for everyone, including the administrators, that the company still can count on loyal staff.
    Get the company sold in one piece and do not start to play games in an attempt to get better money for each individual piece.
    If you decide suddenly now that this is what you decide to do you break your word with the bidders, with these employees and with the whole Saab world that want just one thing; that Saab continues.

  5. Do we need to organize another “we are many (okay , a few less), we are Saab ” trip to m&m ‘s headquarter in idontknowwhere? Could help.. And is Victor M. still in Sweden ? Doing what? Last week it was brought as hot news. Sound of silence again.

  6. As much as I want an answer soon…this is the last chance to “get it right”. Although the idea of the larger (late) bid by Youngman sounds good on the surface, I don’t blame the administrators for thoroughly investigating it. It will do no good to approve Youngman, just to find out six months from now they do not have the funds to carry Saab all the way back. Whoever is approved as the buyer this time…..this is the last shot.

    And who knows….perhaps M&M has placed another bid (or has said, our bid from before stands) and now the administrators have to reconsider their direction based on all the latest news. I have the feeling that M&M would not go to the press at this point and say, “We have made another bid,” as Youngman did. That does not seem to be their style.

    • +1

      Not counting on Mahindra though, but most of the info floating around is just rumours anyway, so not much more to do than to go on with life and wait for “The Deal” to finally be signed and, finally, officially announced. Or in other words: Keep calm and carry on.

  7. The re-start ( or re-birth ) needs money. Buckets of MONEY. Not enthusiasm, not support, but cold hard cash. For a long time. At least 5 years, and even maybe 8 to see a profit being made from a single car.
    Who actually can “Show me the Money!??”
    Not so sure now about a potential owner who has an address from the Virgin Islands….from a company who is not actually making any money….that is coming from Where, exactly?
    Doesn’t fill me with much confidence at this point, I have to say.

  8. Indeed its sad to see so many negative comments regarding Saab. On the other hand I can understand that long-time Saab drivers don’t want to see a repeat of what happened under GM, when overall quality and the overall ‘Saab-experience’ suffered more and more each year, up to a point where one could find ‘genuine Opel’ knobs and switches in a Saab…
    Some time ago I was planning to buy an SUV, ofcourse I looked at Saab’s 9-7X. Although not a bad car, it couldn’t compare with Volvo’s XC-90 (twin-turbo T6!).. that was quite a shock.. Thanks again GM!
    So what most of us want is a true Saab; with advanced turbo technology, high performance, safety, a definite link with aviation and lots of practicality. Understandably many are suspicious if all that and more can be achieved with electric Saabs.

  9. Responsible for the Board of Directors affairs as well as major strategic decision-making. Born in October 1965, current Ph.D candidate.
    Started his career in 1983, and prior to State Power, worked for ICBC and Volvo.
    Founded State Power Group Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Dragon Power Group Company Limited) in 2004 and founded National Bio Energy Co.,Ltd in 2005.
    Recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008, China, The International Finance Entrepreneur Award for green innovation in 2011,China.
    For his vision and extraordinary execution, creating the world’s first biomass power industry chain

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