Saab 9-3 Independence Convertible number 34

I received a bit of nice news from Andrew Ballard of Cambridge Saab here in The UK this morning. They have an unregistered Saab 9-3 Independence Convertible For Sale. Number 34 has made its way in to their showroom and now wants to find a lucky owner. (updated below)

I know we don’t normally do “For Sales” but these Convertibles are rare and it would be great to see one on the road.

A few words from Darren

This is a rare chance to acquire a limited edition Saab independence convertible

they are very few in number in the UK and really stand out as something very individual

Finished in Sun-burnt orange (the pictures don’t do it justice) with a black hood

it has full parchment heated electric leather seats with orange accents and Nappa leather trims to door handles and handbrake

1.9 TTID engine with aero spec 180BHP and automatic 6 speed gearbox

comes with all the niceties that you would expect, sat nav with blue-tooth phone integration

carbon dash fascia, xenon headlamps, special gloss 18″ black wheels

This car has an individual build number tagged on the rear window , this is car no. 34 however only around five cars were bought to the UK

Any enquiries please call Darren on 01223 873661 or email [email protected] 

The independence edition will be Like Saab itself-admired by many, experienced by a select few


A few more pictures can be found on my flickr site here.

The kind people at Cambridge Saab have offered a £500 discount if you mention Saabs United.
We would happily send a pair of Saabs United number plate surrounds to the new owner as well.

34 thoughts on “Saab 9-3 Independence Convertible number 34”

  1. I’d love to buy one myself. The color fits the 9-3 convertible very well. And the seat stitching is really nice. This is perfection …

  2. I had one on order in the US. Despite being a very collectable car now I don’t think I’d pay £28 995 even if it was LHD.

    • Wow, I still have people paying that for an 08 vert and a regular 2011 with 20k on it would be priced over $30k now…. This would have been about a $60,000 Canadian vehicle MSRP. I doubt this car will stick around long.

  3. I am veru interested but not in this one.
    Anyone has a LHD of this Independance convirtable?
    I cannot use a RHD in Europe.

    • There is one for sale in Sweden. But the dealer is asking the original price for the car. I think the dealer wants to keep the car, and I can’t blame him for doing it. 😉

    • Yes you can kochje, very easily.

      How do I know? I managed with my 9-3SS Aero for over 5 years, unless I was wanting to overtake on single carriageways it was rarely a problem.

  4. This car is the embodiment of the word anticlimax. But if i had the money to spend and could not find one whit the steering wheel on the right (left is right) side i would buy this one in an instant. Any Dutchman spotted Victor driving around in 007 yet?

      • I love those (non Saab OEM) wheels on that car. Call me stupid but was big reason I had the IE on order. FYI I’m almost certain those are BBS CS wheels.

      • Even though those are not OEM Saab wheels (pretty sure they are BBS CS wheels) I loved their look on IE as well. Part of the reason I had an IE on order before the sh*t hit the fan. Victor felt differently. I saw that he put the 9-5 turbo wheels on his IE.

      • Good looking rims but they look like 16 inch and leves to much space to make the car look balanced and nimble. Small inch rims make the car look clumsy. With 18 inch rims everything would look better.

  5. That is one sharp car. So sad that a company that can make nice cars went broke while so many makers or rubbish stay in business….

    • Thanks, Maarten, for this link.
      However the price is in Euro 52.000 while the one offered in the UK would be at Euro 36.000.
      So the car is in Sweden too expensive.

  6. And as a further incentive to buy this fantastic car, anyone that contacts us and mentions Saabs United we will give a £500 discount on the car!!

  7. Not that it really makes any difference now, but was manual transmission available on the Independence.
    The Turbo diesel was never a possibility on the North American market but that would have been so great !

  8. Unfortunately I paid the full price for mine a year ago in the UK but I love the car and don’t regret it. The colour (Sunset Red) was the main attraction as I ordered it from a photograph and the dealer in Scotland had to have it shipped up from England for me as they hadn’t received their car. At that time there were only 7 in the UK but with the final RHD cars being imported into the UK I believe there are now 14 in the Country. Mine is car 24.

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