Saab Parts would like to cooperate with NEVS

The following is a very rough translation of a recent article in ttela. Keep in mind that I’m not a native Swedish speaker, and the last few paragraphs were a bit lacking in detail.

Saab Parts were not included in the bankruptcy trustees’ sale to the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs).

– There is a lot of shared ground between our companies. What we have discussed so far is the access to the production tools, says Lennart Ståhl, managing director of Saab Automobile Parts.

There are between 10,000 and 15,000 tools out among Saab’s former suppliers.

Today they are owned by the bankruptcy estate and few of them are part of Nevs’ deal, but not all.

– There are 1800 suppliers in total and 1000 of them are in possession of our tools, says Lennart Ståhl.

Now it so that our means Saab [sic!], which means they are still owned by the estate. These tools are used to manufacture parts for Saab’s cars. The only tools that will not be used are those for the Saab 9-5 wagon which never made it into regular production and as such need no spares.

Saab Parts has leased part of the factory from the receivers. Partly the press shop where spare parts are manufactured, and also the northern office where 50 people work today.

– In the foreseeable future we will continue our presence in Trollhättan due to the high level of specialized competency among our employees there. A relocation from our current offices will be determined by what plans Nevs have, says Lennart Ståhl.

The National Debt Office earlier announced that they will acquire Saab Parts which was used as collateral for the EIB loan. As of February this year half of Saab Parts’ board of directors consists of representatives from the National Debt Office.

– They are well versed in our business and know exactly what kind of company they take over, says Lennart Ståhl.

He believes that a handover will take place in the near future.

– There is likely a desire of the bankruptcy trustees to liquidate the companies that remain in the bankruptcy estate. My guess is that a handover will happen within the next few weeks.

When Lennart Ståhl met with representatives from Nevs, they said that they need Saab Parts’ assistance.

– We also need help from them. We hope that they, for example, can produce parts using the press shop. The discussions we have had so far concerns the tools that currently resides with various suppliers and how to put the tools to use, says Lennart Ståhl.

40 thoughts on “Saab Parts would like to cooperate with NEVS”

  1. One of the keys to me in this piece is the part about the press shop. It would seem that there will be no problem for owners of the NG 9-5 for body panels and parts as they say the only tooling they won’t be using is for the NG 9-5 combi that was never produced for resale. All in all, great news.

  2. What a delight to see this positive and constructive development. Somehow I fondly hoped to get it from the Saab spirit. With the right people, synergism of science and joint action – it could become fascinating. 🙂

  3. Rune,

    Do you think I could bribe someone to tell me where the presses for the 9.5 combi are & then [when I buy 1] weld them onto a saloon…

    Just a thought you understand…!!

    • In absolutely every piece of news I have seen this week, I have not seen anything on warranties at all. My gut tells me to not hold my breath but I hope that I am proven wrong. We will have to wait and see, I don’t think the keys to everything have even been turned over yet even.

      • If they have any intention of selling Saab branded cars to the Western World in the future, anyone who understands anything about PR and marketing would say honoring the warranties of the Spyker-era Saabs will make all the difference to future customer relations and loyalty.
        I’ve bought Saabs because I’ve trusted the company to deliver a good product and to take care of me when I needed them. I’ve also been very understanding when Saab Automobile had issues or troubles with specific parts for example.

        I think NEVS got to understand that there are a million Saab owners watching them right now, as are SAAB AB, Scania and the whole motoring press.

        • I really hope years from now, we’re not talking about one of the main reasons NEVSAAB failed was because of the new company ignoring the current Saab owners, Saab fans, and the obvious market as a whole and just jumping into the Chinese market with no regards for Europe and North America.

          Part of me wonders if they have any incentive or plans to sell to the western markets.

          But only time will tell if they’re willing to go the extra mile to appeal to the current owners/fans.

      • I agree with you about NEVS should honor the warranties in order to show ppl that they care. But, sadly, i dont see their obligation to do that. If they do that, it would be their goodwill and nothing more.

        • I’d say this kind of goodwill would be one of the better business investments ever. Just think about the difference between turning your back to Saab 1.0 customers or getting them on board with the new company. Most of us are in the exact target demographics when it comes to premium EV’s in the future.
          If NEVS shows us the door now, who are they going to sell their first cars to in a couple of years. The ‘THN haters’? Don’t think so.
          I’m sure the Chinese Saabers are as loyal to the community as the rest of us, so will they be flocking like crazy to buy a totally new car on a new platform with a new powertrain, if the company now ignores its customers? Again, I wouldn’t count on that.

          There’s also the fact that whatever they put out on the market first will have hiccups and they need customers that are not going to crucify them on the spot but understand that new models tend to do that sometimes 😉 That’s what we have warranties for… or rather had.
          Not to mention the MY10/11 cars are mechanically very reliable. The warranty costs for NEVS would probably be next to nothing.

  4. Yes, the news is getting better everyday. I think we have to understand, the decison has been made, now it’s time to get in line and support Nev’s. I have been for this solution from the first time I heard of it. Electric hybrids are the future, and perhaps even all electric after that. They will do whatever they can to help the older Saabs on the road, but their first duty, and by far the most important one, is to sell cars that people will actually want to buy. In this I wish NEVs all the luck of my Irish grandfather.

  5. The situation gets weirder by the day. The next they will announce is complete spare part sets, pre-assembled and ready to drive. 😉

    • …and today ttela reports that Norway could be a good market for NEVS, because in Norway there are apparently 8000 EVs, which is somewhat of a world record (almost)!


      Well, today is Monday. A good day to announce NEVS’ deal with Mahindra&Mahindra.

    • “Spain is the third largest market with a higher sales potential for Saab , only behind China and the U.S.”

      Where are you getting EU from?

      • Yes it said US, but is USA really a big market for electric vehicles? I really do not have a clue (t’hat’s why I’m asking), I just have got the impression that the US market seems to be more inclined towards big cars with big motors and an “why care about the envirinment?”-attitude, whereas low emissions is more important in China, Asia and Europe?

  6. Very off topic but anyway….

    In the Le Mans 24h a hybrid won for the very first time. It was an Audi hybrid on the three first positions!!!

    The auto world is evolving towards electric components slowly but surely.

    • lol, seriously, no offence, but get a clue…
      -Firstly, there were no 3 Hybrids in the first 3 positions, because audi only ran 2 “hybrids” and 2 regular diesels.

      -Secondly, just because the E-tron R18 won doesn’t mean “the world is evolving to anything”… Why did Audi start developing the E-trons? Because Peugeot was dabbling with hybrids and it was threathening the domination of Audis Diesel R18s… Where was/is Peugeot this season? Oh right, they ran out of money and “choose” not to compete this season…

      -and thirdly, why did both Audi and Peugeot venture into the hybrid game? Because of the allowences in technologies in the regulations over the other prototyes. The car that won was the E-tron QAUTTRO, meaning effectively over speeds of 120KM/H it switched to 4wheel drive = a joke to make sure the “factory” teams get to go home with the trophees…. Just like the diesels LMP1s were not in a seperate class for years but were competing against privateer petrol LMP1 entries…
      Do you think Audi would be running e-tron R18s if the ACO would set up a fair balance of performance where the petrol LMP1 prototypes would be able to seriously compete against them???

      So, if anything is to be “learned” from your example, is that only the ones with the deepest pockets are able to bring something substantial to the table IF the rewards are big enough and known beforehand…
      Remember Audi canned their commerial EV plans not to long ago because they are not financially viable enough at this point in this.

      By your reasoning, the world would really be evolving towards Diesel cars, because Mazda is introducing a diesel powerplant in LMP2 Prototype chassis next years, a class wich this season at the 24hours had nearly 5 times the amount of cars running then there where hybrids running, you can be sure as sh.. that next year there will be more then 4 diesel LMP2s as opposed to the 4 hybrid LMP1s running

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