Saab Spain hoping for sale in June

On friday we received an e-mail from one of our Spain resident readers. His was forwarding an E-Mail he got from Saab Spain on the very same day about the situation and the future of Saab in Spain.

It is a very good E-mail from Saab Spain, so we decided to publish an english translation here at SU.

So, if your Spanish is good enough you can follow this link.

For the rest

Dear Customer:
I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your patience and understanding, but also our most sincere apology, for the difficulties arising from the voyage the Saab brand is going through. I do this, honestly and transparently, from the firm conviction that the final resolution to the current situation is within weeks.

On December 19, our Central Division (Saab Automobile AB) went bankrupt. This had a destabilizing effect on the rest of business pillars (after-sales, mainly), causing the collapse of almost every brand subsidiaries (with the exception of Saab Spain and Italy) and decimating the resources that sustain the very important after-sales service to our clients.

You can imagine that in this environment of maximum pressure, the difficulties we have faced have been very high. Three have been the decisive factors that have enabled us to successfully win this tough battle for survival:

  • A team at Saab Spain always persevering and decided, continuing their job by the firm and sole purpose of preserving the continuity of the brand and the service to you, our customer, until the takeover by the new owner.
  • A very capable official network, always committed and fighting; positioned at all times on the front line action, has given the best proof of its unconditional support for the brand and its customers.
  • An exemplary customer, you Saabista at heart, tolerant and understanding towards the situation we are going through. Whom we want to apologize once again if, despite the enormous efforts that we are doing locally, we eventually couldn’t provide the service you and your Saab deserves.

I can assure you that from the first mechanic to the last of us have given, give and will continue giving 200% for the bankruptcy process its going across the company globally does not affect you as preferred customer.

At this point I would like to share various pieces of information, which I hope will help you get greater confidence and trust in us, your team:

  • Our central after-sales division is currently owned by the Swedish government, and has all its protection and financial strength. Therefore the supply of original spare parts and customer service is fully guaranteed.
  • Once past the initial moment of destabilization, we have restored procedures, distribution of spare parts and service, thanks to long and hard process of negotiating with our suppliers, which has been satisfactorily resolved.
  • During the course of June, it is expected that administrators will unveil the name of the company who will buy the entirety of the Saab brand. This will take care of the imminent restart of the brand in all its aspects.
  • We have already begun to prepare for this new phase, with the help of a new network of official repairers, enabling us to expand our geographic service coverage and accelerate the recovery phase. Linked to this letter will find an appendix with all the official Saab repairers in Spain, which joined the Summer Campaign *, which will guarantee the best care of your Saab.

We believe that only a Saab family like ours is able to remain united, committed and confident and so traverse a so great storm like this. We are confident that, in short all your initial complaints will start disappearing and a promising future awaits us in short time.

Therefore, now more than ever, we ask again for your support and understanding. Together we can!

Wholeheartedly thanking your condescension. On behalf of all team members of Saab Spain, wish you best regards.


Manuel Alcázar
General manager
Saab Automobile Spain, S.L.

Follow this link to see the list of official Saab repairers

BTW, I do also think that the waiting will end in June, what I do not know is if I will like the result of this long waiting.

Notify of

To me, the sooner the workers who lost their jobs can get it back, the better. And hopefully June will be the beginning of a new era at Saab.


To what?
– There is no engineers left
– No suppliers and Saab tools are probobly scraped alreadyor will not be possible to use
– Production.. I don’t really know… that guys that are left now they are hoping for somthing that not will happenen….or?


Is the deal done, but not official yet??


Spain twelwe points, Espagne douze points.
You know, if we´re giving maximum points as in the eurovision song contest….. : )


Spain twelwe points, Espagne douze points.
You know, if we´re giving maximum points as in the eurovision song contest….. : )
What a determination! What a dedication! What a great letter!

Bryan Kazes

I like the looks of it. But at this point we are at the “show me the money” phase of picking a winner. The Banlruptcy Admins need to GET IT DONE.

Sergey Malinin

Great letter, good luck guys!




“During the course of June, it is expected that administrators will unveil the name of the company who will buy the entirety of the Saab brand” I take it he means this year.


hoping for the best!!!


That was a very well-written letter, kudos to Manuel Alcázar! Let’s hope for a continuation for Saab, not only in Spain but in all Saab’s markets over the world! 🙂


yeah great but this is just going on and on and on…………………April , May now June……….


As spending a lot of time in the southeast of Spain (Alicante-Cartagena) there are two things I miss, be able to fill up with E85 and a good Saab workshop. However, Kudos to Manuel Alcázar who still is fighting for Saab.


***Update on Saab sale:*** Saab’s bankruptcy should have moved the deadline for when a deal will be completed. Sources now claim to P4 West that the goal is to have a deal ready around mid June. This sees sales seem to take much longer than the trustees had hoped for. Last week, broke the plan, the administrators had – that a deal would be completed before summer. The reason is, among other things have been that the electric vehicle consortium, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden was not interested in buying spare parts company, Saab Parts. The trustees have to decide… Read more »


I bought a 9-5 a year ago for my son and he absolutely loves it. I have had two Saabs and I am about to buy an ’09 9-3 Aero. While I hope Saan survives, regardless I will not regret my purchases because there is no car more fun to drive. Let’s hope they get it a deal worked out.

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