Summer, Long Weekends And The Open Road

As we head into the summer months and people look to long weekends and holidays, it’s time to look at venturing out onto the open roads again. This weekend is for Canadians, the Canada Day long weekend which celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire. Originally called Dominion Day, the name was changed to Canada Day in 1982 when the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day is celebrated throughout Canada and internationally and is commonly referred to as Canada’s birthday, so happy birthday Canada.

With next weekend being the Fourth Of July or Independence Day long weekend in the USA, this brings us to a busy couple of weeks of driving and enjoying what Saab has given us. In North America or at least where I am in Canada, these weekends turn into crazy retail shopping weekends and quick trips to either sides of the borders. So what better time then now to plan a road trip away from border line ups?

The best way to enjoy your Saab is to drive it, get to know your back roads take the long way home, plan some trips with friends. I know our local Saab Club SCWC is planning to get together over the long weekend to enjoy their cars together, what do you have planned?

We’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple of weeks talking about the new possible directions of Saab and have had a lot of heated debate about it all which is to be expected. Lets go back to basics here and talk about the cars for a minute and how you plan to enjoy your Saab. Over the summer holidays, do you plan on buying another Saab? New or used doesn’t matter here in my question as I think for dealers, both are equally important. Where do you plan to take your Saab over the holidays and long weekends? Are you taking part in any of the big Saab events coming up? Are you going to do a Hirsch or Maptun upgrade? Essentially, what do you have planned for your Saab, yourself and just for fun.

My intent here is to be off topic and just discus our cars and driving, not so much the business. Lets have fun with this and share together.

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15 thoughts on “Summer, Long Weekends And The Open Road”

  1. I’m driving from Calgary to Osoyoos for the Canada Day long weekend! I am leaving tomorrow, getting an early start on the weekend and hopefully missing some traffic.

    I plan on taking Highway 1 (assuming it will be open) then 97 south through the Okanagan. I’ll take Highway 3 then north on Highway 22 on the return trip to make a large loop.

    Exciting times!
    Jason Petho

    • Osoyoos is beautiful this time of year Jason, you will definitely enjoy yourself. Staying right near the water there? Lot’s of nice driving for you from Alberta to BC, enjoy.

  2. The only problem for those of us in the U.S. this year is that the 4th of July holiday falls on Wednesday….so no long weekend. It is also going to be very hot in many parts of the country (even for July), so better make sure the A/C is working on your Saab! 🙂

    • maanders, I didn’t even check that. Too bad you’ve got a broken up week, at least the weekend will come quicker with the work week shorter.

      • That’s OK. Most years if the 4th is not on the weekend itself many businesses give you either a 3-day weekend (holiday on Monday or Friday) or 4-day weekend (if holiday falls on Tuesday or Thursday). Wednesday just happens to be the one time we just get the one day. But many people use their own vacation time to take part or all of the week off.

  3. Looking forward to the SCWC meeting this Saturday. I have been awaiting for the rain to quit for more than a day or two to do a proper detailing on my 9-3 Aero XWD. Looks like we are out of luck again though. I will have to settle for a quick wash with the hose and bucket. Armorall, Natuzi leather treatment and wax will have to wait……maybe til 2013.

  4. Sounds fantastic Jason, wish I was there with my Classic 900. We have had so much rain here in the UK that the only thing missing is Noah and his Ark!

  5. However I will be taking it to Belgium for the International. I have never had the chance in the past as have always been tied to the showroom so i am really looking forward to this event. They say over 300 cars from all over Europe have now booked to attend. I will be travelling in convoy with RobinM and the South West of England club. This promises to be an amazing event.

  6. I just drove my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0t across the continent: from south west Ontario, north then across to BC, ending in Seattle after 6 days of driving. Over 4000km, averaging 6.7 l/100km, purring like a happy cat the whole way. My Saab and I both loved it!

  7. Just the kind of post I’ve been longing for. We have all been rung thru the wringer so much during the last few years it seems many have forgotten what brought us together in the first place. To me my love of Saab is getting together with people who have a common passion and driving our cars. A few weeks ago a friend and I put out feelers on various social networking sites and forums to see if there was any interest in getting together. Despite short notice and a late change of venue we pulled it off last weekend. End result was 18 Saabs visiting my driveway (on top of the five that live with me). Nice mix of new and old. We had a Sonett III, a pristine 96, five Classic 900 convertibles, some kick ass Viggens (top 2 vote getters at Saabs @ Carlisle), and the usual mix of 9-3 & 9-5s. We hung out at our lakeside beach for a few hours and then headed back to the house for a few more hours of grilling on the deck and talking cars in the driveway. And then we headed out for a 25 mile back road tour through central Massachusetts culminating in a drive to the top of the second highest mountain in Massachusetts. It was a great day.

    No matter what the future holds for NEVS / Saab I will never stop getting together with my many friends who share my passion for these fantastic cars.

    This link will take you to a photo album with some great pictures of the day.

  8. Last weekend I drove from Oakville to Algonquin Park – took an old logging road to Shall Lake near Nipissing with 3 buddies in my ’07 9-3 Anniversary Edition. A beautiful drive in a beautiful car. Only about 400km each way, but damn… it was worth it.

    The only negative was that I got a pebble stuck between the brake rotor and the brake splash shield. It was bouncing around in there like crazy, but I got it out last night.

  9. Sounds nice …. and so good to read some post who didn’t was about nevs and EV and about the group supose to be about :

    Driving and own a S A A B

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