The High Mile Club

Has your Saab done over a 100,000 miles or 161,000 km?
Paul from England has written a website called “Saab vs. Scepticism” and on one of his pages he invites you to submit your photo and milage of your long running Saab.

For some reason, I’ve always loved cars that have covered 100,000+ miles, it really separates the good from bad, and whilst some cars start to self combust, others thrive.

Saabs of course, thrive, in fact 5 of the 9 Saabs I’ve owned were bought with over 100,000 miles on the clock. All, without fail have felt as sharp as the day they left their proud dealerships, not only that, but they have more of a story to tell, a unique personality.

Saabs become part of your family, a tradition that passes through generations and inspire you to take the road less traveled, I recently wrote a post about honouring our Saabs and maintaining them for the future journey; this page will hopefully celebrate these mile honoured Saabs.

The High Mile Club needs you (or should I say, your Saab). If you’re the proud owner of a Saab that has earned its 100,000+ mile / 161,000 kilometre honour I’d love to here about it, so send me a picture of your Saab, tell me a story and I’ll add it to the collection – the more the better.

Please take a look at his web site here. I know he is looking forward to your emails.

44 thoughts on “The High Mile Club”

    • That’s 237,000km, or 24,000 Swedish miles, for those of you who use metric. This car is totally original except for service items, a couple of suspension rods and a new intercooler. No rust. Not even a hint.

  1. 221.000 km, second engine and gear box, just replacing springs (broken) and dampers (Bilstein B12 kit). I love this 95 Saab-Performance. Will be some more time in the family.

  2. My two 9-5s are going strong. Both silver, his and hers. The Linear Sport Estate has just done162000km. No, it isn’t as tight as it was when new. Yes, it has had a few things replaced. BUT…it carries my family on the highway effortlessly, quietly, safely and powerfully when needed. It carries an enormous amount of ‘stuff’ in the back, including the dog, a 6m boat on tow, and the interior is bomb-proof. I do my own maintenance and enjoy doing it.
    I fully expect it to do another 160,000km in service to my family, and yes it is great to drive. 1000km interstate is easy in this car. 8L/100km or better is normal on the highway. Not bad for an engine that is 11 years old with the original turbo.

  3. I am now on my 8th Saab with over 100,000 including my 2001 Viggen and 2007 9-5 Aero Combi. Three of them were totaled by other people’s negligence but nothing beats driving the Millionth Mile at the 2006 SAAB Convention at Lake George, NY.

    On aggregate I have driven over 3 million mile in SAABs since 1967. I bet there are are more high mileage SAABs than any other marque.

    This was with the original engine and Turbo! Enjoy.

  4. What a nice website that is; lovely.
    Will drive our Saabs so lonng that we can become members.
    Would it not be a good idea to also create a group here on SU?

    • Thank you, that’s not a bad idea about adding to SU, I can’t believe the feedback so far, and that’s just been today 🙂

  5. 100,000 miles isn’t nearly ambitious or significant enough for a Saab! Mine is at around 125,000 miles and always feels like its getting better – probably has a bit to do with the gifts I buy for it but I’d not be that surprised to get another 125k out of it!

    • Hi Pacey, besides the million mile 900 Peter Gilbert mentioned, the highest I’ve had sent through this morning has been from Sweden with 528,783 Km / 328,570 Miles.

      It’s just fantastic to see so many people who are proud of their Saabs, if I have to raise the mileage bar later on, I will 🙂

        • Ha, ha, I have been, another 10 came in through the night 🙂

          It’s fantastic to see so many people join in.

          Maybe a 250 / 500 / 750,000 targets too.

          Some stunning stories though which I’ll share when I catch up.

  6. 1997 SAAB 900 S, first engine, 210.000 km. I have changed the brakes, fuel pump, exhaust and my car runs perfect again 😉

  7. My last 9-5 estate killed it’s original turbo at 235,000 miles and I scrapped it. My current 9-3 hatch has 165,000 miles and still going strong.

  8. We have 4 – all over 100k – 9.3 2001 – 140k; 9.3 2002 – 215k; 900 1995 convertible – 115k and the “baby” 2002 9.5 at 109k – all that is miles and none has had a major repair!!! That is why I love Saab.

  9. I’ve always considered a Saab with 161k km on the clock low milage 🙂
    We’ve got currently three Saabs in the family -all in daily use- that have been driven over a million km combined and still going strong.

  10. Just wanted to say a huge thanks, firstly to RobinM for posting this, and secondly, for the great response. The only thing I seemed to underestimate, is setting the bar too low at just 100,000+

    Mind you, it was more about highlighting the shear craftsmanship and quality of Saabs and also how much we all love them.

  11. I don’t think any of my Saab’s have been less than 100,000 miles.

    The first one was a 1986 9000 2.0 turbo Auto with around 100k on it when I desperately needed a cheap car, it only cost me £200 (it may have been just under 100k I don’t recall now, I didn’t have it long) but the auto box was failing quite badly (it would bang into gear when you kicked down) so I traded it in after just 2 months against a 1993 2.3 FPT manual 9000 that cost me £1000, it had a claimed 140k on the clock when I got it but it had obviously been clocked, after some detective work I got the old history and it turned out it had actually done 130k more than that and was around 273k, unfortunately it had a dodgy gearbox rebuild at some point and a few other problems caused by bad repairs so after 12k in that I was offered a 9000 Anniversary 2.3 lpt Auto for £650 with about 130k on it so scrapped the older car.

    I ran the 9000 Anniversary for about 12k but was then offered a 1999 9-5 2.0 Auto Estate with 135k on it for £650 so I sold the 9000 for £900 and made a profit! I then ran this 9-5 for about 10k until someone drove into the side of it which wrote the car off but the insurance paid out at a value of £1750 (I made a huge profit!) and I picked up my current 2002 9-5 2.0 lpt auto estate with 127k on it for £1700, currently it is just under 141k and still going strong although it did need a turbo 6000 miles ago. It could do with some replacement suspension but I don’t want to spend the money as some of the oil leaks look like they could get expensive and there is a possible new car in my life as my neighbour is currently trying to sell a 9-3 2.8 V6 Auto with about 80k on it, they want a bit too much money for it but if they can’t sell it before they emigrate I may get my first Saab with less than 100k on it for not much money!

    That’s about 8 years of Saab ownership, 2 months in the first 9000, then just over a year in the next 9000, nearly 3 years in the next 9000, 18 months in the first 9-5 and nearly 2 years in the current one.

  12. Nice looking site, the beauty of a WordPress site is that it’s easy to create something very nice and clean to show off what we have a passion for. Really like your one header and how the black Saab blends with the black background like the car is just coming into the light. I created one of these sites too just for fun here. Very nice look and feel to what you’ve got there, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jason, yes, WordPress is cool for this, does what i’ve needed it to without the fuss of creating a bespoke site with cms.

      I set it up for the enjoyment of writing about, and taking photos of Saabs. From some of the comments i’ve had to date, at least 3 more people have purchased Saab 9-3’s too.

      Spread the Saab love I say.

    • It’s a great looking site because eleven has a great eye for photography and design, I wouldn’t put all the credit on the template – the man running it has taste! And probably the best looking 9-3ss around, the bugger! Great work mate.

  13. We have one og900 2.0 8v na with 370000 km and one og900 2.1 na with 330000 km on it. They are our daily drivers. I will enter them in the list one of the days.

    We also had one with just over 400k, but that one is gone. I also have a 900 T16 full pressure with a whooping 510k on it in the driveway. Unfortunately that car will never run a meter again.

  14. Having owned several Saabs, I genuiely felt I was getting a low miler when I picked up my little toy – an ’86 900i – with 110k on the clock

  15. My current 9000 CS has over 409 000 km on it, and my og900 turbo (CD Finlandia) has 519 000 km on it. Had two og900 with over 300 000 km.

  16. Honestly, the only Saab’s I have owned with less than 100k miles is:

    1985 9000 2.0 injection [no turbo] with 43k miles
    1987 9000T SE [UK edition with every extra, inc’ wood door caps]
    BOUGHT with 9950 miles.

    All the rest & there were a good few…all had over 100k miles.


    1997 2.3T anniversary 132k miles
    1998 2.3t [maptuned] 136k miles
    2004 Aero 2.3 estate 123k Miles.

    Was going to buy a 2.3 Edna estate, but still looking & one of the above will have to go.

  17. My 1996 (MY97) 9000 CSE 2.3 FPR manual just turned 320.000 km (or 200.000 miles) last week. Still on original engine and turbo, compression off the chart on all 4 cilinders. Car doesn’t seem to realize it’s 16 years old 🙂 .


  18. figures on the speedometers of my Saabs:

    1993 9000 CD 2.3T Griffin: 214.000km (changed auto-gearbox last january)
    1999 9-3i 340.000km on LPG (I traded the 1998 NG900 2.0T for this one. the 900 had 370.000km on the meter. the bodywork was somewhat rotten, but the engine sounded like it was new)
    and my 1986 9000i will have to wait another 13.000km before joining the ‘high mile club’, for she hasn’t done 150.000km yet.(149.-and-a-bit)

  19. Looks like my first reply did not go through, will try again…

    1986 900S – 286K miles (original engine, 5-speed trans rebuilt at 160K miles)
    1997 9000 CSE – 297K miles (original engine and automatic transmission)

    I know it must be possible to wear out Saab 2.0 and 2.3 engines but it is not an easy task 🙂

  20. I have a 2000 9-3 SE convertible with 138,000 miles. And our 1996 900SE 2.0 has 240,000 miles registered. The R13 cold solder glitch robbed me of about a year of mileage-counting. But I know in my heart that he’s up over 250k…

  21. 1995 900S. 247,000km. I just put on another 1,500km last weekend. The car still feels tight and smooth. It’s only had one previous owner who was also a Saab enthusiast and he looked after it very well. I’m sure the reason my car still feels so fresh for its age has something to do with the previous owner, but then it’s not hard to look after a Saab.

    The only issues have been the typical Saab issues we all know and love (central locking not working, stuck heater control, cruise control not working), but the engine, transmission and body are still absolutely spot on.

  22. Mine MY 2005 9-3 SS has already made 138K miles. Some issues with electricity, but more or less it’s really reliable…

    It’s quite standard mileage for the cars in Lithuania 🙂

  23. My 95 saab 9000 has over 250,000 miles on it and it is still running strong. It will start up even on the coldest of days and goes just as good as ever. I have never had a car that has lasted this long.

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