IntSaab2012, here we come…

Azzy and I are packed and ready for our journey to Belgium, the 9-5 has had a full valet and looks very good. Everything we need is loaded into the car ready for a 7.30am dash for the ferry in Dover. The buzz is there and we just need one more sleep.

I have also packed a few items from the SU store including some special limited edition t-shirts as well as a new domed badge. The new licence plate holders are in the car too.

See you there.

Any orders received into the Store will be delayed until I get back, sorry.


International Saab Club Meeting 2012

Intsaab2012 news

Intsaab2012 is coming very close now, and this is our last newsletter with some instructions:


1. All Intsaab2012 participants are expected at the Place Royale , 4900 Spa.
On Friday 3th and Saturday 4th of August from 10 AM on, on Sunday 5th from 9AM on.
2. Please follow the instructions of our Intsaab2012 team and have some patience, more than 500 Saabs are expected!
3. At the info & registration desk please always mention first your participants number that you can find on our website


1. Participants of the Francorchamps by Saab track session are expected Route du Circuit 55, 4970 Francorchamps. This is only on Thursday 2th of August, and you have to be there at 5:30 PM.
2. Please follow the instructions of our Intsaab2012 team. You will get a number and paper to sign.
3. Before you leave home please read again the rules on our website and do not forget your helmet!

And one last wish from us: bring the sun and happy faces!
We wish you all a safe trip, and a pleasant stay in Spa!

What A Passionate Bunch

Most of us have encountered people that shake their heads at us when we get started in talking about Saab’s and why we love them. People think we’re a little, I don’t know, crazy. They don’t see why we are so passionate about a brand that has had so many struggles, yet they themselves have most likely never driven a Saab nor have they ever been a part of a community that is so welcoming to everyone, where it matters not if you are driving a brand new 9-3 or an older 900.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people through Saab and I have never seen a group of car owners like this. I have in 16 years in the car business, worked for three brands. In my days working in a GM store, for the most part the customers were a revolving door and we very rarely had long term customers. When I came to work for Saturn, we had a ton of repeat price point customers who loved us but their car was mainly just a mode of transportation. Now with Saab, yes there have been issues with sales and of coarse the bankruptcy but the customer and fan smile when talking of their car and they are often eager to show me what they have done or added.

With not a lot of news coming lately as we wait for the deal to be completed somewhere in the middle of next month, I have found myself starved for everything Saab. I am constantly searching Facebook for different groups to see what they are up to.

In one of my last posts, I had mentioned the Saab Club of San Diego. I have been following this club for a while now and they are very active online and through that, I have seen they interact quite well with Saab Club of LA which is another very active club on Facebook.

One of the members of they LA Club said to me that she would like to see a thread or post on Saab tattoos. I know I had seen a thread at one point on Saab Central on Saab tattoos. Probably the most popular Saab tattoo is the one below of the Griffin head.

Photo from Saab Central

I have seen this one on arms, legs, backs, basically everywhere. Very classic if you ask me and looks good even in just the black outline. Of coarse tattoos are not just for the guys and Dayna from the Saab Club of LA has one of her own. What’s a little pain for something you love?

SaabGirl Dayna

How many other Saab Girls are out there? How many of you out there have Saab tattoos? Maybe you have the Phoenix, maybe the Griffin, whatever it is we’d like to see them.

To the many of you like Dayna that wear their heart on their chest, their back, their shoulder or forearm, I salute you and your dedication. If you have some Saab tattoos you would like to share with us, email them to me at [email protected] and I will do a follow up post to this one.

Free MOT from Saab Parts UK.

Free MOT With a Saab fixed-price service.

Saab Parts UK and its national network of Authorised Service Centres are pleased to offer all Saab owners in the UK a complimentary MoT in conjunction with an Oil or Annual service booked between 13th August 2012 and 30th September 2012 .

For a limited period, Saab owners can take advantage of improved customer value fixed-price services from £129 and qualify for a complimentary MoT. All owners need to do is register on-line with Saab Service Club.

Read moreFree MOT from Saab Parts UK.

French with a Saab link

Gabriel Voisin, the French visionary who influenced car design – with a Swedish twist in the tale

During the research for his two new books – ‘Saab Cars The Complete Story’ and ‘Secrets of the Spitfire’ Lance Cole investigated the roots of aerodynamics and car design, this led him to study Gabriel Voisin – French aircraft and car engineer extraordinaire.

Lance wanted to share with us the story of Voisin – through a new book about the man. So here is a review of an expensive but brilliant story that should appeal to the engineering and design fanatics amongst us – and which proves that the ‘design’ we love in our Saabs, has wide and intriguing roots.

Here’s Lance’s book review:

Read moreFrench with a Saab link

Another year, another vote

Under Swade’s stewardship there would sometimes be links to various polls on other sites. “Best in show”, “Best car of the year”, etc. I don’t think we have done that in a while, so here goes:

This time Car Magazine in the UK asks “which of these cars was delivered with the great inca wheels?”. Why don’t you guys head over there and see if you can figure out the answer? Hint: The marque starts with a “S” and ends with a “B”.

(h/t to Mark S. who posted the link on facebook)

The last police Saab 900 retires

From my Twitter feed comes this nice story from Tommi’s Saab Site

In Tommi’s words

I previously wrote about the very last Saab 900 that the Finnish police still has. Yesterday username “saamu” posted a link on the Saab Club Finland discussion board of a news article where it was stated that the very last 1993 model Saab 900 has finally retired from police service. What will happen to the car is still open. Most likely it will be auctioned off at police sale or it will find a home in some museum.

So, that’s it. Finnish police force no longer has any Saabs on patrol duty!

Thank you Tommi for a nice story. Click here for the original article in Finnish. Google translation after the jump

Read moreThe last police Saab 900 retires

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