Another year, another vote

Under Swade’s stewardship there would sometimes be links to various polls on other sites. “Best in show”, “Best car of the year”, etc. I don’t think we have done that in a while, so here goes:

This time Car Magazine in the UK asks “which of these cars was delivered with the great inca wheels?”. Why don’t you guys head over there and see if you can figure out the answer? Hint: The marque starts with a “S” and ends with a “B”.

(h/t to Mark S. who posted the link on facebook)

5 thoughts on “Another year, another vote”

  1. Ex. Design manager Björn Enwall told me that the first idea was to make them in Norway out of magnesium. That was later scrubbed and they went for regular alloys.

  2. Cheers Rune, I note this time it isnt possible to monitor poll, so we just need to make an effort early and see if we’ve done it (again!)

  3. I vote for anything that is not a station wagon or hatch. Normally I know the hatch, etc are core to true heritage. But I hate them. They are a reminder of how having a fair line up requires such. But the SC and the hatch are no go’s for many reasons, not least of which is that they remind me have having kids and I absolutely hate kids on every way imaginable.

    Please? I’ll be Sending you pics of my 9-3 Aero lol.

    Pleeeeeeaae nooooooo for the life ruining ankle biting kiss.

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