Free MOT from Saab Parts UK.

Free MOT With a Saab fixed-price service.

Saab Parts UK and its national network of Authorised Service Centres are pleased to offer all Saab owners in the UK a complimentary MoT in conjunction with an Oil or Annual service booked between 13th August 2012 and 30th September 2012 .

For a limited period, Saab owners can take advantage of improved customer value fixed-price services from £129 and qualify for a complimentary MoT. All owners need to do is register on-line with Saab Service Club.

Free to all Saab owners, Saab Service Club is a loyalty scheme that provides a host of exclusive benefits, including free visual health checks, discounts on parts, servicing and Saab accessories. To register and claim a complimentary MoT test, simply visit  The Saab Service Club enter your details, select your nearest Saab Service Centre and download the MoT voucher.  Existing members can download the voucher directly by entering their membership number where requested.

All Saab fixed-price services are carried out by factory trained technicians, who have the experience and expertise to maintain customers’ cars in the best mechanical condition, and use Saab Genuine Parts that are covered by a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Saab was recently rated as a top four best-performer in an analysis of MoT pass rates undertaken by consumer motoring champion,, reinforcing Saab’s legendary reputation for durability, reliability and build quality. The analysis of 24.5 million MoT records revealed an average of 84% of Saabs registered in 2008 passed their MoT, against a national average of 80%.

David Leighton, Business Development Manager at Saab Parts UK, said:  “At Saab we are continually looking at ways to provide Saab customers with improved value services. With an extensive national network of 89 Authorised Service Centres, we want to ensure that Saab owners can keep their Saabs in perfect running order with the best quality and value maintenance packages developed through the Saab Service Club.”

For more information on the Saab Service Club and to register for free as a member, visit The Saab Service Club.

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Two things:

1. What is an MoT? I guess it has something to do with maintenance?
2. The links to the Saab Service Club misses the http:// prefix so they don’t work.

Peter G.

Wikipedia says:
The Ministry of Transport test (usually abbreviated to MOT test) is an annual test of automobile safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required for most vehicles over three years old used on public roads in the United Kingdom.


Thank you! In Sweden we call it “besiktning”, litterally “(car) inspection”. 🙂


Hmmn, This would be useful for me but I follow the link and register yet there’s no voucher?

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