Hirsched at Astleys

Last week I decided to treat my self and take advantage of the offer that Hirsch are advertising in the right hand side of this web site.

After doing the chat with Manfred and Jerry my car was booked into my local Saab Garage, Astleys of Yeovil for the engine upgrade treat.


Mike Berry was the man in charge and the first thing he did was download the data from my car to his computer, then plugged into Switzerland and retrieved the new data, then plugged back into my car and transferred the Hirsch upgrade. This all took less than 30 minutes to complete.

The final important bit of the upgrade was for Mike to place the Hirsch badge to the boot of my Saab then go for a test drive.

The difference in torque is phenomenal and you can feel it right away in every gear. I’ve not had the chance to test the speed out but many will already know I’m not a fast driver but I do tow a lot in my work, so its the torque and fuel consumption that really interests’ me. I will test the fuel as I drive to Belgium tomorrow. But I’m liking the changes that I have found so far.

Today the car is in for a full valet ready for that drive to Spa.

Big thanks go to Manfred who was right to talk me into having the upgrade and Jerry’s staff for doing the work so expertly.

22 thoughts on “Hirsched at Astleys”

  1. Great with Hirsch Software, but Your mechanic has not read the papers from Hirsch on where to put the Hirsch Badge. (my choice, see below)

  2. Does anybody know if Hirsch or Maptun has any engine upgrade for the new BioPower engine in the 9-3 Griffin? I have the 220Hp engine that is the same as in the NG9-5 but I can’t find any information about any upgrade for that engine in the 9-3.

      • I found some info on Hirsch site now. It says it’s “Not available in your market”… for all markets. Too bad, the performance looks promising with that upgrade.


  3. It was my choice to have the Hirsch badge by the TiD badge not Astley’s.
    Mike did know the correct location as suggested by Hirsch.

  4. Where can I get “Hirsched” here in the States? None of the qualified SAAB dealers are willing to do it! I have this beautiful 2011 9-5 Turbo4 Premium that I would like to Stage one but don’t know where to turn to. Any suggestions or contacts? I live in the State of Delaware.

    • Hirsch says Cherry Hill, near Philadelphia…
      Cherry Hill Classic Cars ., 2000 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-New Jersey, Phone +1 856 424-5300
      with IPRO* (so then can do it on the spot)

      • I have a call into Cherry Hill Classic Cars service department. They said they will get back to me as soon as they know if they can still do this (fingers crossed). My closest dealer, General Sales Saab, is not doing Hirsch upgrades anymore. That dealer was only 20 minutes from where I work!

    • International Saab (now International Motors) stated that the agreement was always between Hirsch and SCNA. Once SCNA went belly-up it also severed its relationship with all dealers, in addition, they also de-facto severed the relationship between Hirsch and individual dealerships. My dealership still has the software to perform the Hirsch Tune; however, does not have the agreement in place to actually conduct the work. I believe the software “push” is done over the internet so I’m certain its still “possible” at many old Saab dealership locations.

  5. I was able to have the Hirsch upgrade completed at Dana Motors/Dana Saab in Billings, Montana yesterday and they honoured the 30% discount offered by Hirsch.

    A highly recommended dealer if anyone is in the area!

    Jason Petho

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