How Much Is Saab A Part Of Your Life?

It’s starting to seem like this is the year of Saab themed weddings. It gets me to thinking, how much is Saab a part of your life? Not just your way to get places but an actual extension of yourself?

It may seem like a strange question, but I ask because of the amount of email that comes in from people getting married or some road trip that the cars seem to be just as much a part of the event as the event itself.
We received another email yesterday from another wedding that took place in May. This was a wedding of Laslo & Emese! Laslo is a previous after sales manager from Saab.


I love that it’s a wedding and not only do they have the car in their photo, but they even have the moose. If you look at the second picture too, it’s almost like their beautiful 9-5 is a relative who has even been dressed for the occasion.

Now of coarse these weddings and road trips are not just the fans on SaabsUnited, it was just over a year ago that we all virtually celebrated with our own Rune when he and his wife Anna were married below with their beautiful Saab on hand. Not sure who took this photo, maybe Tim and that would probably explain the car having a bigger presence then the couple……

For many Saab is a way of life and is celebrated everytime they open their door. How fitting was it last year when Rand McNally and Saab partnered up for the best of the road rally? Saabs are all about the road and Saab people love a good rally. The Best of The Road series basically sent the rally teams across the US and based on their blogs, votes were given on the best cities and people followed the teams through their tweets on twitter. Unfortunately people will not see the beautiful cars bellow this year, I just checked their 2012 page and contestants are driving Honda CRV’s this year.


Other Saab related stories I can think of are through the community of Saabs United like Martin who had reconnected with long lost Saab friend. After reading his story and his love for Saab, we all felt like he was someone we knew and that Saab ran through his blood.

Most recently I have been following a couple of Saab Clubs through Facebook, like the Saab Club Of San Diego. This club is maybe not huge in numbers but they are huge in friendship and a pure joy for Saabs. I get updates on comments continuously throughout the day and they always make me smile. This group really seems to get the idea of a community, already twice since I’ve followed I’ve seen one of the guys, Zachery just randomly post stuff like, “Hey all its a longshot, but who would be up for cars and coffee in Irvine next Saturday?” Talk about Saab being a part of his daily life. If you live in the area and want to connect with Saab people, I would say you need to check them out.

Once again, this is a quiet weekend so get out there and enjoy your Saabs and keep making Saab stories for the world too hear and enjoy. For everyone that shares with us, thank you for allowing us all to be an extension of your Saab family.




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Karl Ask

It is my life!


You have been dealing with beautiful cars and also have an apparently beautiful wife.

I’m sure that fantastic Saab did carry some ‘added value’ for your wedding, just as it did in my case.

Laszlo Ignat



Congrats & all the best!
btw: The Moose is called Emma and is a Saab original. Our Emma is sitting in our living room and we adopted her at the Geneva Auto Saloon in 2009 🙂


Kedves Laci!

Nagyon gratulálok Nektek, sok boldogságot! 🙂

Laszlo Ignat

Köcc! 🙂

Alan Izzo

Thanks for the Saab Club of San Diego shout out! I guess we all get along okay… 😉

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