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Here is what I had hoped to see from my post last week “Calling All Saab Clubs And Fans”. The reason for my post was to look at the things that make Saab fun. It is way to easy to look at things in a negative way or to get pulled into the back and forth conversations with people who will only see the conspiracy in things. What I want to see more of is the people and clubs of the world who still celebrate Saab and enjoy meeting others from this breed of Saab.

Well someone read my post and took the time to give us an introduction to the Finnish Saab Club. What a great read this one is and what a huge club. Their website say that membership is currently more than 3200 Saab Fans. This has got to be one of the best managed and largest clubs I have ever seen, they have a Saab magazine called Saabisti which is a very well put together magazine and even have a nice shop for purchasing club merchandise. Here is the email I received below, enjoy the read and check out the link to their website:

The Finnish Saab club has been founded 1990 and our site has some information also in English (although somewhat out-dated, I now notice).

Our club has two “official” meetings annually: at autumn, new board is selected for the following year. Then in spring, we have a meeting where last year’s annual report and financial statements are discussed & approved. (In fact, those two meetings need to be held according to Finnish law as we are a legally registered club). But those meetings are just a fraction of our activities.

This year we’ve had “We are many. We are Saab.” meeting, naturally.

The Saab summer always begins with the meeting of old Saabs, or “a happening where nothing happens”, as it is also sometimes called. The actual meet is for 92-99’s & Sonett’s, and about 25 cars were on show. But the parking lot next to the actual meeting place was filled with over 100 more recent Saabs. And mind you; some club members came to the meeting with some other make of a car, but they had to find a spot somewhere else. “Saab parking only”.

Then we’ve had Styling & Tuning meet, where about ten Saabs were on display. The weather was ridiculously cold and in the morning we had really heavy rain. Despite that, about 20 Saabs came to admire the tuned vehicles.

Annual summer meeting was held in June the 9th, which in Finnish is “9.6.” I guess I don’t need to explain the selected date 🙂 The turn-up was about 100 club members and their families. Summer meeting started on Friday and lasted for the whole weekend. Almost everyone was staying at the same hotel where the meeting’s HQ was, so the parking lot was an impressive sight to see.

Saab 9000 owners had a meet of their own, too. But apparently it was not a good idea to move the meeting from August to early June as this time just six 9000’s came to car museum’s parking lot. (And one Alfa-Romeo, since the guy had just sold his 9000, but is looking for a replacement.)

Local meetings, some regular, some less regular, have been taking place as usual. Most likely, gallons of coffee have been consumed and lots of laughter has been heard.

I am the editor of club’s magazine “Saabisti” and at the moment I’m rather busy with editing the next issue, which should come out in mid-August. The next issue will also contain an article about certain white 9-3 Griffin that has been donated to Saab museum 🙂

In case you have any questions or would like to hear more about the Finnish Saab club, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


Thank you to Petri for introducing me and all of you to the Finnish Saab Club and I look forward to hearing about your next issue with an article on that certain white 9-3 Griffin. Now if I could only get a hold of one of those Saabisti Magazines in English. Again, I invite anyone who has a great and fun Saab story to share or anyone who would like to introduce us to your Saab Club, please email the [email protected] or me personally at [email protected] These to me are the stories that make Saab fun and bring us together for the love of Saab and the history that ties us together.

9 thoughts on “Introducing The Finnish Saab Club”

  1. Great club! Actually its official name is “Saabclub of Finland”. I’ve been a member of that club since 2001. I had (and still have) my hesitations belonging to any kind of clubs or communities but made up my mind in 2001 and joined the club. Great people who have all kind of different SAABs, from 92 to NG9-5. Because there are so many members in that club, we’ve also had some disagreements between some members but they’ve all been sorted out. That’s the way it should be since we’re all supporting the same thing.

    Personally I must say that the bankruptcy and the current state of SAAB has had an impact on my motivation towards the club related things since I currently have only one SAAB. Therefore I’m visiting this page each’n’every day in hope to hear new positive things about our beloved car brand.

  2. Nice information an a very lovely club. By the way, was not the Saab 9-5 oroginally built in Finland (together with the Porsche Boxter as far as I remember…). What happended with this company (was it Valmet or so?).
    Best wishes to the north

  3. I received their latest issue of the club magazine and I have to say that it is an outstanding piece of work. The Swedish Saab clubs sure have a lot of work to do if they are to measure up to that one! =)

    • It is brilliant. It has evolved a lot since its early days when it was published in black & white. Now it’s got color photos, illustrations and other cool stuff.

      I used to test drive new SAABs (such as NG9-3, 9-7x & NG9-5) and made test drive reports/articles to that magazine. When the production was stopped and no new SAAB models were rolling out of the factory anymore, I didn’t have anything to write 🙁 The new editor in chief encouraged me to write something about “GM SAABs” (maintenance stuff, repairs etc.) but unfortunately I had lost my motivation because of the state of our beloved car brand and also because of some disagreements we had inside the club.

      Should SAAB produce brand new cars in the future, I’d be more than happy to write those test reports/articles to SAABISTI again.

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