IntSaab2012, here we come…

Azzy and I are packed and ready for our journey to Belgium, the 9-5 has had a full valet and looks very good. Everything we need is loaded into the car ready for a 7.30am dash for the ferry in Dover. The buzz is there and we just need one more sleep.

I have also packed a few items from the SU store including some special limited edition t-shirts as well as a new domed badge. The new licence plate holders are in the car too.

See you there.

Any orders received into the Store will be delayed until I get back, sorry.


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Red J

CU in Belgium.


See you. We are in Graz now, in a couple of hours we start drving towards Munich! We will be in Spa on Thursday

Graeme Lambert

Well my Aero still needs a valet (by me) but all being well (and today being dry) we’ll see you in Spa on Wednesday evening Robin!



see you soon my friend!


Robin, I’m curious about the reflective hockey stick stripe on your 9-5- can we see another shot of this, and learn how you did it? It looks cool!


have fun! 🙂


Awesome to be able to meet all of you in Spa.
Will be a good gettogether here.

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