Mike Philpott extends a “Thank You”

This years Saab Owners Club of GB National Rally has been very well received and Chairman, Mike Philpott, would like to add these words.

“Thanks to everyone who turned out and supported our National Rally at Wicksteed Park last weekend. It proved to be a very popular location with the biggest attendance for some time.

We counted around 250 cars on Saturday and 150 on Sunday, plus a whole load of us camping as well.

The range of cars was just fantastic, from a 1952 92B to a 2010 9-5 and including six Sonetts! Erik Carlsson said that he had not seen such a great line up of Saabs for a long time and that he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

The weather was kind to us too.

Thanks also to everyone who helped us leading up to and during the weekend. We could not have done it without you.

A warm welcome to all of the new members that joined our Club over the weekend.
See you all again next year.

Thank you all.


Also Mark Edgar has some great pics here:

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Loks like you had excellent turnout and wonderful weather for the event. Great job for making it happen-as a member of the Central Penn SAAB Club herte in US I know what a show of this size takes to organize! Cheers~

Chris Ivory

As someone who was heavily involved in giving my time, money and effort for free in the organising of a national event on behalf of the SOCGB, I can tell you it took our ‘group’ 18 months. I am no longer a member of the SOCGB, but, arguably, the standard of the venue choice for this year’s event seems to have improved, remarkably. The SOCGB are hosting next year’s international; I trust that further improvements will continue.

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