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Today there is some news from within NEVS that they have hired their HR manager. TTELA have an article today in which we are introduced to Birgitta Jäghem Löfving a 52 year old lady with automotive ties and is currently looking for new leadership of the Saab factory.

Photo: Andreas Olsson/ttela


Looking at her resume from the automotive world, she was among other things, in charge of recruitment when Volvo started its factory in Uddevalla-85.

She has worked with HR – human resources-throughout her life, was personnel manager for a number, destination countries – Germany and Japan among others – and in recent years as a consultant.

Some of the most important pieces of this interview were these below about hiring and what they need and even mention some collaboration with a certain engineering company:

They began two weeks ago and have several hundred expressions of interest via NEVS’s website to review. But it’s still early days, emphasizes Jäghem Löfving and continues:

– We have said we need engineers but exactly how many will we determine successively with the management team. That’s what we’re trying to put first, and interviews are ongoing during the summer.

– There will be many former Saab employees in NEVS, yes. We will need those who know and can this existing platform. But we will of course also to develop a new car so it will be a new approach, a new product and a new organization, so there may be a combination. We would love to have employee core competencies, this critical skill, but we’re obviously no stranger to collaboration with the engineering company that they launched here in Trollhättan.

When asked why she believes in the company, Jäghem Löfving had this to say:

It is a combination of new construction – I triggered it off and new products – and the concept itself is about the environment and that we need to change our thinking about the fuel that is appealing. That there is something we need for the future.

Weather you like or hate the idea of an EV, you have to see this as a good hire. Birgitta Jäghem Löfving has a ton of experience in HR and has experience within the automotive world with her work with Volvo recruitment, I don’t know that we could ask for much more then that.

It is also stated that in August the NEVS website will have information posted on which jobs can be searched. I know this isn’t huge news but it is nice that when all is quiet out here that things are still moving. If you are a former employee of Saab and you have your application out there, I wish you all the best, in a perfect world you would all be hired back.

26 thoughts on “NEVS New HR Manager”

  1. Congratulations to Ms.Löfving.

    Consider covering Saab news, like Saab aircraft. NEVS may some day make Saab cars but there are not firm plans now.

    • derek, I can tell you that I would love to write about planes, but if I get started on that, there will be no place left on this site for cars! =P

      I’ve never flown a Saab aircraft but looking at it from my Airbus perspective they are impressive, although age has taken its toll on both technology and airframes…

      Having worked as a line-tech on the JAS 39 Gripen, there are tons of stuff I would love to write but unfortunately I’m still bound by an oath of silence since my days in the Swedish Air Force… =(

      Here is a small photo that I can share though =) - click here -

      • Independence Air (Regional Airline that is now out of business) had Saab planes in their fleet. I flew one from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh. For a smaller plane, it was a nice ride!

      • That Gripen is bring back fond memories of 2007 when I spent a whole day’s private tour at the Flygvapenmuseum, in Linköping, on my way to the 60th Anniniversary. One of the highlights was sitting in the Draken and fllying in the real Gripen Flight-Simulator. I never realized how tough the throttle was, it’s not exactly a gaming laser mouse! Ironically during the tour the last 2 SK-37 Viggens left in service buzzed the Museum en route to the SAAB factory, airfield. One of them was desiginated to go to the USA but was taken off the docks and recycled into aluminum beer-cans. Draken-Stuffed Peter!

        The shop there has great Saab models of cars and plane, including a 1:48 scale Gripen

  2. Google Translate must have come up with the great idea to make a translation of her first name. It is ”Birgitta”, not ”Bridget”. 😉

  3. Wish Birgitta all the success in the world.
    Still hope that besides pure electrical cars also hybrids are on the radar screen.
    The recent decision by the European commission to limit the CO2 emission to a maximum of 95g by the year 2020 will be a good challenge for NEVS , and Mahindra???

  4. Again, a former Volvo manager…

    They just won’t hire any of the people who had anything to do with IC engines?
    No mentioning of hybrids by anyone. Not a single word. It will not happen.
    EV’s for China is the only thing they can say. What about the former customers or employees that built real Saabs?!
    Everything seems to be working in Geelys favor. V is the big winner with all those talented Saab people going over there. I hate it how everything played out in the end. It’s like having to start cheering for your biggest rival. Can’t do it. Sorry.

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