Saab Parts UK launches new Brokerage Facility

A Press Release from Saab Parts UK

On 1st August, 2012, Saab Parts UK will launch a new national broker service for the pricing and placement of used Saab vehicles.

This unique brokerage facility for Saab trade enquiries will be administered by a dedicated and highly experienced Saab used car expert based at Saab Parts UK’s HQ in Cranfield. Matt Bateman, Used Vehicle Manager, will work directly with selling dealers (trade) to ensure they get the best and true valuation of the Saab they are part exchanging, matching the car to a buyer offering the highest price from the national network of 88 Saab Authorised Repairers.

UK Saab Broker works through instant access to known buyers and specialists of used Saabs across the country and can quickly match vehicles to the right place for re-sale.

The process is nice and simple and designed to remove any hassle from part exchanging or trading a used Saab.

1. Dealer / trade customer disposing of a used Saab contacts UK Saab Broker on 01234 756880 or via email [email protected]

2. UK Saab Broker confirms key vehicle details to determine an accurate market estimate (e.g. Model Year, specification and condition).

3. UK Saab Broker works with the Saab network to identify interested buyers for the car and secure an underwrite bid within 24 hours.

4. UK Saab Broker contacts the trade customer with the highest bid offered and the buyer’s details.

5. Trade customer and Saab network buyer finalise the sale and payment. UK Saab Broker charges a sale commission of £100 to both the seller and buyer.

Corin Richards, Managing Director of Saab Parts UK, said: “Following the demise of Saab at the end of last year there has been some uncertainty in the trade in how to value a Saab, which has made part exchanges difficult. This new service we are offering will remove any uncertainty that may remain in the Saab used car market, as we will provide a true market valuation to the Saab seller and find them an interested buyer from our national network of 88 service centres.

“Our network of authorised repairers around the UK is always on the lookout for quality used Saabs and this new service will put buyers and sellers in touch with each other, thus ensuring that there is a consistent supply of Saabs on its forecourts available for customers to purchase.

“This expansion of the Saab Parts UK business into used car operations demonstrates the UK business is evolving into more than just a Parts company. Having successfully helped GMAC to clear its stock of 800 used Saabs in the first 6 months of 2012, we know the new broker service will be beneficial to all parties.”

With approximately 188,000 Saabs on UK roads there is still a clear business opportunity for Saab involving used cars, service, parts and accessories

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Angelo V.

No NEVS news lately? IDEA: NEVS should find out where the tooling is for the 1975 Austin Marina Sedan. It would be perfect as an electric car. If I recall correctly, it was rear wheel drive with a roomy trunk in relation to the size of the car. NEVS could load up the trunk with batteries, which would put the weight over the drive wheels for good traction in bad weather. That would leave the former engine compartment up front for luggage, a bag of golf clubs, etc. Spruce up the styling a little and put the NEVS nameplate on… Read more »


is that the same as a morris marina in UK

Angelo V.

Yes, in the U.S. it was the Austin Marina, a handsome little thing that would suit NEVS perfectly. Looks sort of like the first generation Prius.


No the morris Marina would be to dated, how about using it’d face lifted sister the Morris Ital, quality Italian styling that’s what they need, they could call it the 9-3 Pinafarina, that would give it little cachet, even better the 9-3 Plugitina ?


If I remember the Morris Marina (badged Austin in the US) used a platform based on the Morris Minor (1949-1971) and had a leaf spring rear end. In Australia, they (bravely) gave it a 6 cylinder engine option. An engine from the ill fated Leyland P76.

Jeff Powell

A welcome feature which hopefully will prevent dealers from talking down the value of used SAABs. Will it be available for SAAB owners to offer cars to the trade?


Wish I’d known about this before I part ex’d my’08 Convertible two weeks ago. Horrendous value, but the car I bought was at a good price, so I guess it evened out..

Hope to return to Saab one day, if they build a product I like… 🙂

Angelo V.

The extended warranty on my 2004 9-5 expires at midnight. I actually received a solicitation from a company about putting a new warranty on it—-not sure how much that costs but at 8 years old, I think I’ll just take my chances and ride it out without putting a warranty back on it. I assume that the price would be high and perhaps the benefits questionable for this warranty from a company I’ve never heard of.


Sounds like a great idea in theory. I question how you can promise reply on bidders and values in 24 hours though.
If SAAB Parts UK would like to start this in the US though- I’m your girl! : )

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