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Another day another club. Below is an email I received from a club from Belarus called SAABotaZH. Now not knowing Russian or trusting google translation, I will let the email speak for itself. It’s been nice getting to know more and more of these clubs and groups across the globe and as always, I invited any club or group to send me an email at [email protected] or to [email protected] to tell us about you and your group.

Hello! A slight acquaintance with the Belarusian Saab Club – “SAABotaZh”

A very young Club, with old faces. Today is the largest and most popular Belarusian independent internet portal about SAAB. In addition to the mass of interesting and useful information, the main purpose of the Club is communication between people. Moreover, the dialogue takes place not only on the website, but in real life, at various Club events and weekly meetings.

This is not an official club because it is very difficult to register car club in Belarus.

The most visited part of the site is forum, which is divided into thematic categories (worlds) and sections.

We often meet and discuss the joyful and positive topics, congratulate each other with birth of a child, buying a new car and birthdays etc. But in real life there are not only holidays and we doing everything to support club-mates in difficult situations both in life and on the roads. Our Club supports all official and unofficial events. So this year we are going to visit Intsaab 2012. On arrival we organize a joint event dedicated to 65 anniversary of Saab with Russian Saab Club

Within this short article it is impossible to describe the whole life of our Club and even a thousandth of all the interesting events that occur every day and discussed at the Club. But one thing is certain. Even for whom SAAB is the only means of transportation, they still find many interesting things on our internet home, and those for whom the SAAB is a way of life, who lives at full speed, who likes freedom and mobility, a thirst for discovery and adventure not just words but a way of thinking – for them Club is like small world!

Check our album in Facebook.

Best redars,










The above photos are from the We Are Many that SAABotaZH took part in and looks to have had great support.

I think clubs like this truly embodied what we all look for in a group, club or just in friends. We look for that common bond and connection and a want to stay connected. If you have a chance to check their facebook page, do it. They have photos from bbq’s and what look like camp outs and they even seem to have a great sense of humor when you look at the photo below:

At least I hope that’s humor and I haven’t just incriminated anyone. Saab groups and clubs are all about fun and relationships and this one seems to have all of the above. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

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Always nice to hear about Saab-Clubs. Good luck to you!

Ivor Bloor

Sa(a)botage! Well, that’s what GM did. I’m hanging on to my soon-to-be nine years old 9-3 Aero 2.0T, which still drives beautifully with nearly 200,000 km on the clock: I was going to trade it in for a 9-5SC Aero XWD. Imagine the lump in my throat when I saw the photo of the red (my colour) 9-5SC! I don’t know how much longer I can wait (I need the extra carrying capacity) – it’s that or an A4 Avant (sorry!).


Hi! Please change the link. Thank you! All good friends!

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