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I wasn’t sure when I put the call out to Saab Clubs to tell their stories if I would receive much in response. I have been very happy and surprised with the response so far. In this second installment, we are introduced to the SaabWay Club of Italy from the President of the club, Luca Seghezzi. If you click the logo below, you can check out their website or click ->HERE<- to view their facebook photo page. I’ll turn it over now to Luca to introduce us all to the SaabWay Club of Italy.

The SaabWay Club is a young club, it was officially registered in the summer of 2008, but it’s community started to get together some years before, January 2005 to be exact with the birth of the SaabWay Forum.

In that period there wasn’t any other Saab enthusiast’s activity which was really operating in Italy.. there wasn’t any Saab forum… Saab enthusiast were talking and writing in other generic car forums. One day a couple of them decided to set up a new specific Saab Forum to give a reference place where to meet and talk on the web to all Italian Saab fans and that’s how everything began.

For the first time there wasn’t a real “official club activity”. For real there was officially no Club at all.. there were only some people who met each other on the web to talk and share information and experiences about their Saabs. After more or less one year, we held a first thing which we could call as a “meeting”, with a tour on the mountains at the back of Bergamo (near Milano), in northern Italy…. only a real small amount of Saabs (just six) has taken part of that meeting, but it was just the beginning of a series of meetings which would be held around all of Italy in the next years.

During these 6 years (including the years before SWC’s official registration in 2008) the club helded 9 “National Meetings” (each one is scheduled on 2/3 days) along north and south Italy even to islands (our last one took place in Sardinia) and dozens of other “Regional/Local meetings” (scheduled in 1 day) which our members and forum users are happy to set up independently more or less 1 time per month in different areas of Italy. For example our last two local meetings, which take place on a track where our Club reserved a round just for our Saabs, are the first in Varano De’ Melegari (Parma) the 1st of May, and the other in Anagni (1h southbound from Rome) the 24th of June. So much fun! πŸ˜€

You can see a lot of pictures of all our events (National, Regional, Local and even simply some lunch or dinners held just to stay together) on our FaceBook Photo Gallery:

One thing that our club is determined to is being always on the first line when the international Saab fan community calls… for example with Saab Support Convoy, the Saab October Fest, We Are Many We Are Saab, many groups of supporters every year at the Mille Miglia on different checkpoints to welcome the Saab Team, contribute as much as possible to the save of the last Saab 9-3, etc… we really trust in sharing forces to spread enthusiasm for the Saab brand.. and support all the initiatives we are able to. πŸ˜‰

Why? In all those years our members become more than just members or forum users… I’m not joking when I say that a lot of us found some real friends… a lot of us started naturally to meet also off from club’s activities.. it’s really fantastic to see how a special brand like Saab has been able to lead so many people to find so many other special people ! So I think that it is very important to feed this opportunity.. doing what is in our forces to keep alive the Saab enthusiasm and let people share it with each other. πŸ™‚

I’m sure that there are a lot of Saab enthusiasts out there that feel the same in their own club.. it’s something none of them would like to lose.. πŸ™‚

I think some great photos would be theese.. (the first one has been taken inside Cararra’s cave). Otherwise please feel free to choose in our FaceBook Gallery.

Thank you very much for this great idea to let the clubs to introduce itselves to the rest of the Saab community.. πŸ˜‰

Best regards,

Luca Seghezzi
for Saab friends, just Luca of course.. πŸ˜‰

Thanks again to Luca and the SaabWay Club for letting us take a peek at your club/extended family. I took the time to look through the facebook albums and after reading about your club and looking at the photos (which thanks for taking so many) it makes it feel like we are not so far away.

These stories from the Saab clubs continue to put a smile on my face, as Luca says “So I think that it is very important to feed this opportunity.. doing what is in our forces to keep alive the Saab enthusiasm and let people share it with each other. :-)” that being said, I continue to offer clubs around the world to email the [email protected] or me personally atΒ Β [email protected] and we will be sure to help you share will the global Saab community. If you are not a club but have a great Saab story, please do the same.

Thanks again.

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LONG LIVE SAABWAYCLUB !!! :-)))))))))))))



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