21 thoughts on “The Griffins have landed”

  1. Hi E,
    they will go intothe store later.
    Yes I do have a few more than those ordered so not a problem,
    They are €12 each plus postage,

  2. These are great, I really enjoy having mine as a reminder of what we all achieved together. Together we can take on mountains and achieve what seems un-achievable.

  3. My thoughts were if I can’t have the rubber pad from the gas pedal that my contribution helped pay for I can at least have a limited edition key fob to commemorate the occasion! I’ll be anxiously awaiting my invoice!

  4. I’ve just sent out 65 invoices, if you are expecting one and did not receive it please check your spam box or it could mean i did not get your original request, so please send a new one. Thank you.
    I have to work away all day Friday so will not be able to post any that are paid for in the next 24 hours but I will try and post them on Saturday, Robin.

    • The key fobs look great in the photos!

      Got the invoice and tried to pay it, but PayPal is not accepting my credit card. This is a long-standing problem I’ve had with them, it has to do with my having used the card on a PayPal account that I closed years ago, they claim it is still “in use on another account.” Previously I was able to make payments as a PayPal guest (that’s how I contributed towards the museum car), but now they won’t even let me do that. I’ll have to get a friend with a PayPal account to make the payment on my behalf and I’ll reimburse him. (My own opinion of PayPal is nearly as low as it is for GM.)

  5. Well i’m one happy fella!! Just got mine in the post today and it must be said that the quality is excellent. I certainly don’t see these falling to bits. Kudos to whoever came up with the design, they are very sturdy and hard wearing.

    Thanks for the quick delivery Robin!

  6. A bit late but just to say I got mine on Tuesday 10th and it’s great. Just removed the 9.3 key from the huge bunch it’s been on for the last year and it put it on the keyring, Fab.

    Thanks for the speedy and easy transaction Robin.

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