The Saab ice cream cone at “Fallens dagar” in Trollhättan this weekend

Saab fans are often not only fans of the cars and the company itself, but also attached to the capital of the Saab-world in various ways.

This weekend the city of Trollhättan are arranging “Fallens dagar”. One particular Saab fan have chosen this occasion to relaunch the Saab ice cream cone that was first introduced simultaneously as the Saab NG900 back in 1993.

Johan Bohlin’s grandfather Tore Bohlin was responsible for many of the recipes used by Trollhättan’s ice cream factory. At one point this factory was bought by the largest brand in Sweden (GB Glass) and, as I understand it, many of the local flavors disappeared.

Initially Johan wanted to name it “Saab-struten” (“The Saab cone”), but as we all know that particular brand name is well guarded these days. “Mint-struten” is the final name and the one anyone attending this weekend’s event need to ask for. 1 SEK of each sold goes to the museum.

Swedish TV did a story on Johan yesterday. Johan shows off some brilliant Saab-stuff. I did not even know there was a Saab belt-buckle. (Unfortunately Svt do not make their videos available outside Sweden, so you foreigners will just have to make do with my quick screen grab)

Source: Ttela

More information on “Fallens Dagar”.
Bohlin’s ice cream facebook page

hat-tip to mioh who also mentioned “When the ng900 was showed for the first time, at Drottningtorget in Trollhättan, everybody (including me 🙂 ) got free Saab ice cream. Now about 20 years later the ice cream is back. Other name, more cream, same taste.”

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Bengt in Scania

Is there a Turbo version? 🙂


I have already tried coaxing Johan into making a “Turbo strut”. 🙂

Fingers crossed.

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