Dad’s Wish Comes True With Conner’s Day

Through our Facebook account we had a message about a very heartfelt story from Jalopnik about a father who had a wish to give his sick son a car show. As a parent I can’t even fully explain the emotions that come over you when reading this fathers words. Even the most cold or emotionless person would be brought to tears reading this. This is not about Saab, this is about making a dream come true for an 11 year old boy who is facing death and if we can get some Saabs there too then all the better.

Originally the plea to the public was put out on a Subaru site called Scoobynet and has since gone viral. Below is the original entry by this father who is facing the unimaginable.

hi all i cant believe im about to say this but here goes i have just been informed that my 11 year old son has around 4 weeks to live for those who dont know he had leukeamia aged 2 and beat it then last year we had the devastating news that he had a cancerous brain tumor they operated and removed it and we thought all was well until friday when we were given the news it had returned in 2 places and there is nothing more they can do to help him as you can imagine we are totally devastated and have to try to make the most of our time left with our little boy so heres where i hope you can all help me i promised him a few weeks ago before i found out about this that i would take him to a car gathering as he is a massive fan of sports/modified cars mainly subaru,s evo,s etc but i cannot find one so i thought i would try arrange one just for him so i can keep that promise! i have arranged with FRED LAWTON LTD MELTHAM MILLS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, MELTHAM HUDDERSFIELD,HD9 4AY to be able to use there car park for the gathering which i would like to hold on saturday the 8th of september starting from 1 pm. everybody and every type of car is welcome so please please please come if you can make it and make my little boys day a special one thank you all in advance and please put your name down on your posts to this thread so i can get an idea of numbers.

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Dr. Saabish: On the Physics of the Front Strut Brace

Dr. Nio Saabish, Ph.D Physics It’s precisely eight past noon.  Normally any resident of the lecture hall would be submerged in complete darkness, surrounded by rows upon rows of empty seats.  Of course, as one would expect, the auditorium’s regular occupants are hard at work preparing for their upcoming mid-terms.  But tonight: is a special night.  For a room that is typically bathed in sunlight, has found itself illuminated by the soft glow of several banks of fluorescent lights.

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Truth In Rumors

For anyone who follows me away from SU, yesterday I did a post about my thoughts on things surrounding Saab. I didn’t post here because Tim’s post was very active at the point I had written this and did not want to take anything away from it.

Running a blog like Saabs United is a huge undertaking and one that isn’t taken lightly. We as writers are constantly judged by what we write. Is this fair? I guess so because it’s what we signed up for and I think we all have big enough shoulders to take the heat when it comes. With that in mind though, we are constantly struggling with what to and what not to say. Anyone that thinks this is easy should really try it for themselves. Working for free trying to secure contacts that will trust you and give you information that is not available to the public is very time consuming and then what to do with what you’ve been given without losing your contact because you have revealed too much is quite a balancing act itself.

Below is what I wrote yesterday about everything going on right now.

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Crashtesting the TurboX

The wheel refused to budge
A few hours ago we received word from Sapan that although he is ok, his car unfortunately isn’t.

Good Example of Swedish Safety

On our way home from Swedish Car Day My Girlfriend and I were driving back on the NJ Turnpike.

We were in the 2nd to most Left lane while a driver next to us was in the left most lane, she was on her cell phone with her head down and started veering to the left shoulder. She panicked, and then snapped her steering wheel to the right and did the PIT maneuver that police often use to knock a vehicle out of balance into a 360 to my vehicle. This started the process of me doing a 360 turn at around 65 to 70mph, during this time I managed to counter steer and start correcting the vehicle but by the time I did we were already on a crash course with the jersey wall. I remember clearly counter steering as to not go into a spin and holding onto the steering wheel until the end getting airbag burns. The Vehicle that did the damage was the corolla.

By the time it was done I as already on the shoulder fully stopped with emergency hazards, airbags deployed, and OnStar contacting me saying they are sending EMS to my location(yes I did pay for the subscription and its worth every penny for that fraction of a second for your life). We were both majorly uninjured and walked away living and breathing mind you not the most comfortable of experiences.

So Based on the Pictures the Drivers and Passengers side can with stand this sever of a impact. I will be trying my best to buy another Saab very soon no matter what the service or parts scenario looks like. As Jeremy Clarkson said, no one could understand why a Saab Cost so much until they crashed them…

IIHS only recently started testing small overlap frontal collisions. I have a strong feeling most Saabs would excel at those tests. Didn’t SAAB discuss this scenario back in the late 80s?

In any case, we are glad to see that Sapan is OK and we hope he will find a (reasonably) new SAAB soon. It is my understanding that the parts situation is improving every day, so hopefully that should not be a factor to be concerned with anymore (9-4X owners OTOH are still cautioned to not break anything just yet).

I would also like to remind everyone that there is an open thread in our forums dedicated to news stories about crashes involving Saabs.

BMW Is Suing Saab Parts

We have had some posts to other threads concerning the lawsuit filed against Saab Parts by BMW and I was waiting for more of a story to unfold before just post BMW sues Saab as that is not much of a story. Thankfully I have found a fairly complete story on Nasdaq.

It would appear that the German car maker BMW is suing Saab Parts AB for 2.6 million euros plus interest for unpaid deliveries. The lawsuit was filed in the Swedish district court in Nykoping Monday.

Lennart Stahl, Chief Executive of Saab Automobile Parts AB, said the company has contested the claim in earlier contact with BMW’s lawyers and that it will go over the claim again. “Our lawyers will now go through the lawsuit carefully and see if anything new has been added before we decide what to do,” he said.

This all dates back to September of 2010 when Saab/SWAN and BMW entered into an agreement to supply and develop 4cyl gas engines to be used in the 9-3. The agreement also covered components and spare parts. A large number of parts and components were ordered by Saab and never paid for. Saab throughout 2011 did not have the means to pay for the outstanding bills and filed for bankruptcy in December.

The lawsuit is saying that Saab Parts is liable for the unpaid bills since Saab had declared bankruptcy.

However, Mr. Stahl doesn’t believe Saab Automobile Parts should have to pay for components ordered by Saab Automobile. “Saab Automobile Parts AB have not ordered or received any spare parts or components from BMW,” he said. “Why would a spare part company order components for a car model that’s not yet in production?”

Shares in Saab Automobile Parts AB were put up as collateral by Saab Automobile AB in exchange for state-backed guarantees for its loans in the European Investment Bank. The Swedish National Dept Office, the authority which guaranteed Saab’s loans in the EIB, has declared its intention to sell Saab Automobile Parts AB in order to collect Saab’s debt.

I am no lawyer but I think it will be a bit of a difficult battle to collect debt from Saab Parts which has now been taken over by the NDO. If you can go after Saab Parts when that is not the branch that ordered these parts, what’s to stop suppliers from doing the same thing? I do not think from what I read here that there is much of a case against Saab Parts and unfortunately for BMW they are in the same boat as many of the suppliers and I think it’s almost an insult to suppliers for them to view themselves differently. We have suppliers who have been affected in a very critical way who have lost business and employees in downsizing measures because of what happened and they are not getting special treatment so I would hope that BMW is treated in the same manner. As big a number as 2.6 million euros is, for BMW they will survive through this, for a supplier that number would kill most of them.

If I am wrong then this could be a disaster for the NDO and Saab Parts but I think that is a huge stretch to think that they can go after a company that was used as collateral like Saab Parts.

Did You Know?

This is really off topic but anyone that knows me and my choice of comedy knows that I love me some Top Gear. While looking through their website yesterday I came across an odd piece on the late producer Tony Scott, who the day earlier took his life. I was not aware of his history or of a tie into Saab. Scott is the brother of producer Ridley Scott who produced a commercial for Apple called 1984 and Tony Scott produced an equally great commercial for Saab before his Top Gun fame.

The ad is for the Saab 900 turbo and preceded Top Gun as you can see the influence that it would later have on the movie itself. Its too bad watching this that commercials are typically just something we’d like to mute or skip over, when we can see that in the hands of a story teller they can be something more then what we see now.

I had read that Tony Scott had struck out with his first film The Hunger and went back to producing commercials, that is until Jerry Bruckheimer came across this commercial featuring a race between a jet and a Saab. Bruckheimer would then hire him to produce Top Gun which became a box office hit in 1986 bringing in more than $177 million and to think, in a way it was all because of Saab. Maybe not all because of Saab but this commercial is what brought him into the film and you can see why.

RIP Tony Scott, thank you for creating one of my favorite movies of all time and for this little gem of a commercial that I am glad to have found.

Swedish Car Day XIII

We received an email from our good friend and Saab champion Pierre Belperron, formerly of Charles River Saab about the upcoming Swedish Car Day XIII which he will be leading. Pierre after 23 years has left Charles River for an opportunity closer to home but is still an active member of the Saab family and is very respected for all he does. This year marks the 13th annual Swedish Car Day and is sure to be one of the Saab events of the year. Below is the info that he had sent to us as well as some links to the sponsor pages and their facebook page.

On Sunday, 26 August 2012, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum will present the thirteenth annual Swedish Car Day. Sponsored by Boston Volvo Village and her sister store Charles River Saab (both incorporated in 1957), Swedish Car Day has always endeavored to cater to owners of all manner of Saabs and Volvos. Some will be show quality cars, others daily drivers and some just diamonds in the rough. Though he has left Charles River Saab after 23 years, Pierre Belperron will be returning to host this event one last time. As it will be his last opportunity as master-of-ceremonies, Pierre will also be the speaker at Swedish Car Day, and he will recount his personal Saab AND Volvo experiences of the past decade, and what they have meant to him personally. The lawn opens for cars at 8:00. Official start time is 10:00 and departure must start at 2:00. There will be judging of cars, a raffle, vendors including eEuroparts, ViVa Performance and State of Nine, and a very special extra raffle. This raffle will require a $10 ticket—all proceeds going to a charity chosen by Pierre—and the winner will receive this Saab-Scania sign which once adorned Charles River Saab. Entry fee to the lawn is $20 per car and includes entry for two, and those not displaying a car can enter for $10. While there is no online registration this year, you can save time at check-in by printing the registration form at and having it completed in advance.

Here are some photo’s from last years event to show you why you need to be there if you are in the area.


Thank Pierre for sharing the event once again with us and for all you have done and continue to do for this community of ours. I would love to see some follow up to this event and hope that anyone attending would get the chance to say hi to Pierre and to shake his hand and thank him for me and all of us. I must add here to for anyone concerned, Pierre has taken a job closer to home and is still a proud Saab supporter and still has a great relationship with the people at CRS as made clear by this event and the collaboration to make it happen.


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