Are you a serial Saabist? by Paul

Paul is a guest writer who has his own blog called Saab vs. Scepticism.
You will remember Paul as he asked you to tell him about your high miler Saabs back in June.

Well now he asks another question?

Are you a serial Saabist?

In the past, I’ve gone away from Saab for a few months, dabbled in other brands; mainly BMW, Mercades, Audi and Alfa Romeo, but then I return to Saabs.

Those of you who regularly read this site, will know that for the past year, we’ve been an exclusive Saab family, selling my faithful Mercedes Coupe and my wife’s BMW 1 series, and replacing them with 3 gorgeous Saabs.

Recently, I was browsing through my ridiculously large collection of past cars and came across one of my old Saabs – a stunning cosmic blue 9-5 HOT Aero saloon. It literally made me stop and stare, even now, I love its styling, the shape, the lights, the luxuriously comfortable interior – it really is a seriously gorgeous Saab. Then I started to think that maybe we could squeeze another 9-5 Aero into our current collection, I slapped myself, bad idea.

All of this Saab dreaming got me to wondering if others felt the same, see a great Saab picture, and start planning purchase tactics, I just can’t seem to help myself.

Although the current situation isn’t looking good for a new range of Saabs in the future, I really believe we’ll start to see a lot more unique Saabs about. Loving owners will be looking for new parts suppliers to ensure their cars remain immaculate and they’ll be looking for specialists to service, tune and rebuild engines.

All this will lead to great Saabs being available to own, drive and love for a long, long time, and I just can’t seem to help digging around to see what I can find, a serial Saabist maybe.

Thank you for another great article Paul, please visit Pauls site at SvsS for more pictures.


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Paul is absolutely right. I do drive my ninth Saab, started with 9000 CD and went via the 9000CS to the 9-3, the 9-3 Hatch and finally I do drive the 9-5 NG. My wife is driving the 9-3 cabrio. As an old timer we are now restauring a 96 Two stroke of 1962 and we are looking everywhere to find the missing parts. This car has been dismantled completely and we will bring it hopefully back to a nearly new condition. In the spring of 2013 this beauty needs to be finnished. All that appears about Saab I am… Read more »

Kyle Hudson

That’s nothing…

Try getting your father who worked for saab for 20 years to sell off two perfectly working economy cars to get 2 more saabs just so he can keep up with my 1993 c900 and my 1998 NG 900 Turbo!


After having had 900 and a couple of 9-3s, I now have an urge to get to know the 9-5 better. I never had a chance so far, except for a month with the new 9-5 TDi that rented last summer. A nice pre-DameEdna would be first on my list, but it is hard to find a well kept one. Now looking at a 2007 Aero 9-5, or a 2008 (or later) vert, but with no-where to park it, it seems this desire will remain a dream… But i’m checking the Saab ads every day, I just have to –… Read more »



9 and counting….!!


SAAB for future here as well! 7 SAABs so far in life, and still counting (looking for a 96 or Sonett). My wife has occupied our 6 year old 9-5SC and I am a happy camper with a 9-3SS Hirsch. We both agree it will be SAABs for us also in the future! 🙂

Have a SAABish weekend, all!

Greetings from Norway
Always on the longest road home when out there with our SAABs. Always!


Not as many as some others here as I tend to keep them a long time. Started with a brand-new 900 in 1985 that I kept for 15 years and put over 300,000 miles on. Have had four Saabs total so far now, two of which are currently owned.

I have not owned any of the GM-era Saabs yet but have been thinking a mid-2000s 9-5 wagon would be nice. (I’m a bit wary though of the changes that were made to the Saab 2.3 engine on those cars versus the 9000.)


Replacement breather kits are available to do away with the engine problems.

I recently was asked by a friend who wanted to buy a 9.5 to look at it for him & as soon as the bonnet/hood was lifted it was a no, no. The smell of burnt oil was very evident & a sure thing, either had problems or going to get them.

Good history is a must & future servicing with FULL SYNTHETIC oil not SEMI.


Het Jersey Saab. I like you, have had a few c900’s, and still own a 90. However, I bought a 2003, 95 2.0t Linear wagon 2 years ago, and what a car!! As terry9000k says, full synthetic oil and no worries. All I have spent is on servicing and tyres. Really rate the 95.


I’ve read that the “sweet spot” for the 9-5 is actually the 2004 and 2005 model years, PCV and sludging problems finally fixed by the factory and not too much generic “GM stuff” in the interior. I do love the old 900 and 9000 models but realistically they are getting harder to find, especially here in the rust belt.

Angelo V.

I have an ’04 ARC wagon—-virtually trouble-free since I bought it, new. Mine is low mileage—-and feels like a new car. No squeaks/rattles, very smooth ride, great handling—-everything works. I’ve always run full synthetic in it. Changing from the factory Perielli tires to Michelins is the best money I ever spent on car upgrades—-the car is now quieter/smoother.


That’s pretty much the kind of thing I had in mind for a few years down the road. It’s hard to say how long my current Saabs will last, both run well but each has around 300K miles on the odometer and they both have creeping rust problems. (Worse on the 900, after decades of driving on salted winter roads I’m afraid it’s pretty crusty.)


Owned a number of 9000s and 9-5s; the 9-5 V6t proved to be very reliable and not too expensive to maintain. The 9000 wins out on character, seats and dashboard though. And the old 2.3T was extremely durable, more so than the newer ‘more efficient’ versions found in the 9-5.
Maybe a push-button-era 9-3 2.8T would be a nice next car; still a proper Saab dash and lots of turbocharged performance…


Count me as a yes. I took a hiatus from Saab for awhile, but I am back to stay for the rest of my life. I’m old enough that there will be new-enough used Saabs if there are no new Saabs. Like kochje, I have a dismantled 96 (1966) that I am starting restoration on for practice. I also have a 1966 MC 850 with a rebuilt engine (in parts), new bearings, rods, pins, pistons matched to cylinders, rebuilt carbs, etc. That will wait until my practice resto is done. 🙂 One thing that dismays me about the U.S. vintage… Read more »


I think I counted to 13 the other day. Currently I have 5. But I spoke to a friend earlier today, he isn’t sure if it’s 15 or 16 he currently own. Then we have the maniac who own close to 30 cabriolets…


I just came back to the Saab fold in early August, picked up a one-owner, low-km, dealer-serviced ’06 9-3 2.0T SportCombi 🙂 This is only my second Saab, my first was a ’93 9000 CSE which I owned between 2001 and 2011. I had to take a “Saab-atical” (sorry !) in mid-2011 from my 9000 as my work at the time required a very reliable vehicle preferably with AWD (bought a nice ’04 Subaru Outback wagon for that purpose) which my 9000 was unable to fulfil. Anyway, the Outback is now being driven happily by my parents, and after what… Read more »


Saab-atical! Good one…


My wife and I only got into SAABs in January of ’09, being from a rather SAAB-less region. I had only owned Japanese imports until that time. Our first one was a ’96 900 SE(t). It was a true revelation for us. I did have previous experience with Mercs and BMWs, but the SAAB just fit us in a way that nothing else did. Exactly a year later, we picked up our second, a ’00 HOT SE convertible. Recently, my 900 has literally begun to rust out from under the power train (@250,000 miles). So yesterday, I picked up a… Read more »


Buying #5 (2011 9-5 T4P w/Hirsch “moose”) while #4 (2002 9-3SE HOT 5dr with “only” 150K mi) was perfectly serviceable makes me a _parallel_ Saabist, and I enter a new tier at the local club. (We talk about insurance.) I hope to keep the new 9-5 new forever, or at least new-looking, and the 9-3 on the road for quite a while. These are probably the last cars I will ever need. But I’m keeping a hopeful eye on the future and Trollhätten, and I wish them all well.


we are now a 3 Saab family, having given my 9.3 2002, last of its kind to my daughter as a 3rd car – I have a 2002 9.5; a 1995 red convertible and my husband has a 2001 9.3. We are hoping that there will be Saabs to drive in the future, that someone this mess will be resolved, so that we have a special car once again. Not one of these cars has less than 115,000 miles, and not one has had a major repair, I have never been able to say that about any other car.


I think I need aeroholics anonymous, I’m aerobsessed. Tomorrow we pick up a 2010 untitled 9-5 aero to join the 9-3 aero convertible and the 9-7x aero already in the garage


Congrats to the new ride in your stable.
Aerobsessed aeroholic – this gets better and better!


Thanks. This car is amazing and drives so much smaller than it is. I love the HUD and the rolling altimeter speedo (although having my speed displayed three different ways must be overkill). I haven’t even gotten to playing with the nav, Bluetooth and juke box functions. As happy as I am, its a little melancholy as we had anticipated a 2012 combi for hauling our pair of malinois.

Chris Hansel

I think we are at 15 cars from 1985 to current. All have sold accept the following; 1996 900 DH, 2004 Aero 9-3, 2005 Aero 9-5, 2006 97x, and finally 2007 9-3 combi. I use the two Aero’s, one per week, to handle my long commute. We use the combi to the dogs, and we use the 97x for it’s all wheel drive function in northern Arizona crossing fords. The old 900 DH is used a little to go to car shows. I’m currently looking for a 2004-07 9-5 to help out on the commuting as the miles are building… Read more »


Yep….i’m a saab nut !…..23 saabs in 32 years…..1st being a 99GL…TWA864Y bought from my old friend WESTBURY SAAB in Shrewsbury. Had viggen’s to current 2.0T Aero……………i should have started my own business


12 since 1989 and currently own 5 no where near your number Dez.


12 since 1981. ’73 99L 2d 1.8, ’75 99 2d 2.0, 90′ 900 3d 2.0, ’93 900SE 3d 2.0i, ’96 900SE (gm) 5d 2.0i, ’97 900SE (gm) 2.5v6, ’97 9000 Anniversary 5d 2.3t, ’98 9-3SE 5d 2.2tid, ’99 9-5 4d 2.0t, ’06 9-5 vector sport 4d 1.9tid, ’06 9-5 vector 4d 1.9tid, ’06 9-3 vector sport sportwagen 5d 1.9tid/120. There are 4 write-offs in there 🙁 but we came out unscathed. To quote one policeman “Well, if you’re going to have a crash, you were in the best car to have it!” (9000) Do you want to know the reg… Read more »


Totally right i just sold my 9k Aero :(. And currently looking for a 9-5 2009 or 2010 combi hopefully automatic if my wife don`t choose to much!:)


When my SAABs near the time of replacement, I often think “maybe I’ll try something else this time”. After a few test drives of competing cars, I end up with another SAAB. This has been going on for over four decades. Thank you for giving a name to this condition.

Chris Ivory

On Saab number seven – at one time there were four in the fleet (plus other vehicles) but now down to two.
I can handle it.


Serial Saabist and across multiple continents. Starting when I was 19 years old:

1980 99 GLi
1984 900S
1988 9000 turbo – Australia
1994 900 turbo vert – Hong Kong
2001 Viggen vert – Today in CA

The only departure was when I lived in Dubai. Wanted something to be able to drive off-road in the desert, so bought a Landcruiser.


Hum, I feel like a relative Serial Saabist novice now after reading these replies, I’m only up to 9 Saabs 🙁

9000 CSE
900 Convertible
9-5 2.3t
9-3 Convertible
9-5 HOT Aero
9-3 HOT Aero Convertible

and now the current 3

9-3 TTiD
9-3 TiD SportCombi
900 S Convertible

I can’t help but love all Saabs, from my 20 year old 900, to my 2011 9-3, they’re just great cars. I’ve spotted a few stunning ng 9-5 around at great prices at the moment too – the temptation is always close.


2001 9-5 Wagon (current)
1992 900
1995 900SE
1998 900SE
1995 900SE (current)
1992 900 (current)
1999 9-3 (current)
2005 9-5 Aero wagon (current)
2008 9-5 Aero

So we have had 9 Saabs in 7 years in our family. I am guilty of most of the jumping around 🙂

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