Dad’s Wish Comes True With Conner’s Day

Through our Facebook account we had a message about a very heartfelt story from Jalopnik about a father who had a wish to give his sick son a car show. As a parent I can’t even fully explain the emotions that come over you when reading this fathers words. Even the most cold or emotionless person would be brought to tears reading this. This is not about Saab, this is about making a dream come true for an 11 year old boy who is facing death and if we can get some Saabs there too then all the better.

Originally the plea to the public was put out on a Subaru site called Scoobynet and has since gone viral. Below is the original entry by this father who is facing the unimaginable.

hi all i cant believe im about to say this but here goes i have just been informed that my 11 year old son has around 4 weeks to live for those who dont know he had leukeamia aged 2 and beat it then last year we had the devastating news that he had a cancerous brain tumor they operated and removed it and we thought all was well until friday when we were given the news it had returned in 2 places and there is nothing more they can do to help him as you can imagine we are totally devastated and have to try to make the most of our time left with our little boy so heres where i hope you can all help me i promised him a few weeks ago before i found out about this that i would take him to a car gathering as he is a massive fan of sports/modified cars mainly subaru,s evo,s etc but i cannot find one so i thought i would try arrange one just for him so i can keep that promise! i have arranged with FRED LAWTON LTD MELTHAM MILLS INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, MELTHAM HUDDERSFIELD,HD9 4AY to be able to use there car park for the gathering which i would like to hold on saturday the 8th of september starting from 1 pm. everybody and every type of car is welcome so please please please come if you can make it and make my little boys day a special one thank you all in advance and please put your name down on your posts to this thread so i can get an idea of numbers.

Wow, what more can you say? This kid has battled like a champ and beat this disease twice, it is cruel and unfair that it has come back and soon his fight will be over.

It’s incredible to see communities come together and support this event and looking at the original thread it looks like there are 309 vehicles already confirmed but I don’t think I saw a Saab on the list. The event is still scheduled for September 8th at Fred Lawton LTD but if it gets much bigger, there are talks of taking over an airfield for the day.

If you are in the UK and anywhere near this event, go to their page and sign up so they have a good idea of numbers.

There was a follow up post to this from Scott the Dad and this even rips me up more:

hi all and again my daily thank you and gratitude to everyone for there kind words and support! i would just like to add for my own piece of mind too so everybody knows the score that my son DOES NOT KNOW the tumour has come back he just thinks he is unwell so please more important than anything is that HE IS NOT made aware in any way thank you all so much again

PLEASE if you are attending, keep this in mind. He wants his son to enjoy this day and to be a kid with no worries this day. Scott has also set up a paypal account for donations at [email protected] The donations will go to a children’s cancer fund as all he wants is a great car show for his boy.

This is one of those times where anyone with any car make or model can go and get together and show that we all care about something so much deeper then just our cars and that even though we may not know these people going through such a difficult time, we are all a part of something bigger and can come together to support people at a time of need.

Just reading the post from the original board has shaken me to my core as a father of two and I just can’t even imagine what they are going through and Scott and his family though I know nothing about them, will be in my mind forever. Scott, you may never read this but you are one hell of a great father and your son is lucky to have someone as strong as you to not just think about something for him but to also set it in action. We are lucky to hear your story too because it reminds us that we can show each other that there is good in this world and we can be a part of something good. Thanks.


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I live only a few miles away and if work allows I will head over in the afternoon, I’m not ashamed to say I cried after reading the story, it put’s life into perspective.


If only I lived in the UK, I’d definitely go as well. Having had a relative and a friend touched by cancer myself, every time I hear another instance of this chilling disease it really does shake me up, and saddens me.

As a side note: It turns out that the friend I was referring to, actually owned a Saab 900 and she was the one that motivated me to buy my first Saab.

Daniel B

Sitting here as crying over how cruel life can be. I cannot even grasp how much pain, hurt and emotion Scott and his family is going through. My heart goes out to you and all I can say is that prayers aren´t enough, but it´s all I can do. One does put life in perspective reading a post like this. I will look upon my son quite differently in the morning when he wakes up. Most of us parent are blessed. We should make the most of it even though we have more than four weeks left. This is one… Read more »

Daniel B

Sorry for the bad spells. Laptop isn´t going my way this night,
Also, I missed a few words, but you figure it out…


You are so right Daniel. Us Saabs are truly an extended family. It has reached the point that I have a special “Saabs” list on my Facebook account that I make posts to independently of everyone else in Facebook! That Saabs list is huge at this point.


I am a loss for words. I can only state the obvious; this act by the father shows a tremendous amount of love and courage. I pray all goes well at the show.


The story touched my heart. Very sad indeed. Unfortunately I am too far away to be able to attend the event. My prayers go to the family. Hope the show is successful.


You know, reading this story really brings a tear to the eye. I don’t have any kids of my own, but the thought of losing anyone of my family to cancer is upsetting. Having heard of two people i knew well lose their life this week to cancer, and my uncle who lives in the US diagnosed with colon cancer, it really hits home!! Even still i cannot imagine what this family are going through knowing the inevitable is going to happen and i would like to say my thoughts are with them at this difficult time. And all i… Read more »


Scott with son and their family are in my thoughts and prayers and hope for a great day in Meltham…


My prayers and best wishes are with Scott, his family and especially his brave son. God belss you…may he feel our wishes help him through this… No, Jason, its not about Saab, but I think it hits our soul as the people on this site have often shown that they like Saabs a lot but in particular I feel a typical Saab dirver to be sensitive, decent and to take care on her/his dear ones and the environment. This site has often proved that we all care on the people who made our beloved Saabs… all that makes Saab-aholics a… Read more »


Lost for words.
Lets find the best looking performance Saabs in Britain and get them to Meltham for this young man.


Tough, tough, tough, tough……., but really hope that nice cars will show up in Meltham and give the boy a very fine afternoon.
Wish the father and the whole family courage in facing this situation.


As the father of an 11 year old boy, I hope this young man gets to see every darn Subie that is out there for him. Prayers to the family and strength during this unimaginable time.


My heart goes out to you, Scott and Conner. If I were on that side of the pond I’d be sure to attend this very special car show and event. I will have to send my positive energy instead. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the day and the smiles and memories that will be sure to last forever. Jason, I hope we will get to see those?
All the best from the US~

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