Happy 10 Years To The Saab Club Of Western Canada


Just received an email from Ken at the Saab Club Of Western Canada to announce their 10 year anniversary. Our dealership at Springman’s Saab in Surrey has many opportunities to interact with this club and have shared many conversation and good times with the members at events like the Octoberfest and We Are Many. Saab clubs and groups are the back bone of keeping us all connected and together and I personally would like to thank this group on their 10th anniversary for their commitment to Saab and the community of Saab drivers that grace their club.

The club has a meet set for tomorrow as well for their 10yr Anniversary. The information is below and for all our local Saab owners in the Greater Vancouver area, come out and support this club and make some friends.

We shall meet in the parking lot in front of the OLD IKEA building, off of Sweden Way.

Event Details & RSVP
What: SCWC 10-YEAR ANNIV. MEET (& RUN ?) – Sunday/12th
Who: SAAB Club of Western Canada (SCWC) Forum
When: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 10:30 am – 1 pm PDT

 Personally, I make it a habit to follow as many Saab Clubs as I can find so if you have the time, why not click the logo above and leave a nice message for this great group of Saab owners and congratulate them on their first 10 years. Have a great weekend my friends.

8 thoughts on “Happy 10 Years To The Saab Club Of Western Canada”

  1. Hi Hason,

    I don’t know if you’ll remember but a month or so ago, in one post we exchanged comments about, how I nearly emigrated to Vancouver some years ago.

    Well talk about a coincident with this post, the shop I nearly bought is just round the corner to where SCWC is meeting tomorrow.

    I have emailed a map to SU with a red arrow on it [what was going to be mine] and a white arrow [where they meet tomorrow].

    Such a small world nowdays………….

    • Very cool, I had wondered what the email referred to. The club actually meets at one of the two local Ikea’s and this meet is at the Richmond location. Too bad your move didn’t happen, this Saab club is full of great people and you would have had fun.

  2. Terry where are you located now ? You’re a 9000 driver, I’m guessing ? My previous was a ’93 9000CSET, 4A. Really miss that car. But now I’m back with a newer ………. [intentional suspense for Jason ……… 😉 ]

    • 9000s are Great cars, bet you bought another one…

      (mine is a ’97 Anniversary 2.3T automatic with just 220.000 km on it, in almost new condition, love it…,
      but sometimes I have this crazy idea about replacing it with a 10 years younger 9-3 Aero V6T w. pushbutton dash.. not sure yet; might regret it, maybe….)

  3. Let hope You guys get a big turnout today. I had a great time with the Swedish car meeting this spring at XXX RootBeer in Issiquah WA. Lets hope the Americans will come and join You as well!

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