Neo Brothers – Genuine USA 9-3 2008- Blue Tint Headlights IN STOCK!!


Genuine parts in limited numbers only!

With the outstanding demand we’ve had for the 9-3 Sport Ice Blue 08- headlights, we also had an incredible amount of interest for the US specification equilivent. You spoke, we listened and we now stock the entire range of US Spec 9-3 Sport 08- Ice Blue headlights with amber side markers:

  • Non Xenon
  • Xenon
  • Adaptive Forward Lighting

Please Note these are the 2012 style head lamps with a light BLUE tint to the lense. These lamps are supplied complete as from factory.

These style of lamps came standard on all 2011-2012 Saab 9-3 Sports but will still fit models from 2008 onwards.

For further information and prices please see our website

5 thoughts on “Neo Brothers – Genuine USA 9-3 2008- Blue Tint Headlights IN STOCK!!”

  1. my 9-3 from 08 has a regular ones. i wonder if buying the xenon ones will work too??? or i need to change a lot to electrical system.

    any ideas????


    • No they wont. But I wouldn’t fret. A bulb like Philips Crystal Visions Ultra will give a close to Xenon look. And the non-xenons are half the price! The lights presented here come with bulbs but frankly I would swap them out for the Crystal Visions (got inexpensively from Amazon or The Bay) and enjoy a refreshed front end. Please wrap the lights in clear film though (as per my neighboring comment) so you can enjoy a lasting relationship…

      And if your jurisdiction doesn’t require please buy the Euro versions — the function perfectly and you lose those grotesque orange reflectors! And get turn signals that blink amber (otherwise showing clear).

  2. I bought the Euro ones (minus orange ‘blisters’) for 9-3 SS non-xenon and for Turbo X (as I have fitted non-directional Euro xenons and miss the ‘movement’; x2 price though of non–xenons). The Car is TRANSFORMED without those silly orange reflectors (difficult to ‘bake out’) and once the stock turn signal bulbs are swapped out for those that (only) blink amber you have a very clean front end (though I understand for some Euro owners the US/Canada lights are cool exotica!). Charlie at Neo was very helpful and delivered the non-xenons in a very timely manner to my North American address and in a hi-tech plastic case lined with foam that I’m trying to figure out how to re-use! I’m sure the directional xenons will arrive in equally good nick (for Turbo X). The blue tint is very subtle, Word to Wise: Go to a tint specialist and have them ‘wrapped’ in clear film (minimum 12 mm +) and then you have a protective film on to grow old with!

      • Will do Tim. Non-xenons are going on a Automatic 2009 9-3 SS Snow Silver (non Aero)–but not until Spring: Letting one more winter pass…then do some minor touch ups/possibly respray on hood…and get ‘clear bra’ put on car (half hood/mirrors- should have done when new as I did on Turbo X) + lights + Bilstein H8s and Maptun springs (also on order from Neo!) and 8 x 17 inch Ronals just bought at SOC convention for $200 (total, all 4!). 3 piece Hirsch grill is being sourced presently and will complement splitters bought at last Octoberfest (rear spoiler I need to have painted before mounting). A Maptun Stage 1 tune has been put through its paces for last 2 years :). Nick Taliaferro sold me a 3 point brace + strut bar to keep everything tight; no doubt a ‘pipe’ is coming my way too! I am so thrilled by the Chimera battery that I might very well do that in tandem. Nearly forgot: Saab USA Parts are filling an order for exhaust/muffler (the one offset to the left + Saab diffuser).

        Am debating ‘dressing’ a la Turbo X, toned down slightly… Oh screw it– let’s go Full Monty!

        Turbo X will get her new front lights mounted when they arrive.

        I have been looking for these lights for some time and given parts uncertainty (coupled with my OC affliction) I jumped as soon as came across (as announced on these pages/Facebook)

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