NG9-5 Rear Vision Camera System — Can it be retrofitted?

Found in the “Workshop Information System” (aka “WIS”) while reading up on the MY2011 9-5:

Rear Vision Camera System Operation

The components used in the rear vision camera system are the camera, located at the rear of the vehicle, and the navigation radio.

When the vehicle is placed in REVERSE, the body control module sends a 12 V signal to the rearview camera. This signal indicates that rear vision camera operation is required. Upon receipt of this signal, the camera will begin the power up cycle. The navigation radio also receives a serial message that indicates that reverse gear is engaged. When the radio receives the message it initiates the display start cycle. The rear vision camera transmits the video signal to the navigation radio through discrete + and – signal circuits. A metallic foil encases the video signal circuits and is tied to a shield ground circuit. This shield is designed to reduce electronic interference which may degrade the video signal and cause a distorted or otherwise degraded image.

If desired, the rear vision camera can be manually disabled through the navigation system menu. Refer to the navigation system owners manual for instructions on manually disabling and enabling the rear vision camera system.

Connector Part Information

  • Harness Type: Rearview Camera
  • OEM Connector: 0-1924211-1
  • Service Connector: Service by Harness – See Part Catalog
  • Description: 6-Way F 0.64 Series Sealed (NA)

Terminal Part Information

  • Terminal/Tray: SAIT-A03T-M064/14
  • Core/Insulation Crimp: P/P
  • Release Tool/Test Probe: J-38125-215A/J-35616-64B (L-BU)

PinWire ColorCircuit No.Operation
10.5 GY/YE6972Camera Signal #2 +
20.5 BARE6974Camera Drain Wire
30.5 BN/WH24Backup Lamp Supply Voltage
40.5 WH/BU6973Camera Signal #2
50.5 BK/WH2351Signal Ground
60.5 RD/GY2840Battery Positive Voltage

So, there is a plug, and the pinout looks simple enough. The only questions remaining are: Can this plug be plugged in anywhere useful on our 9-5s, and is the software in the MY11 9-5s ready for this?

Most likely this feature was not ready in time for MY11 and can only be found on MY12 9-5 (SC only?) as well as the formidable 9-4X.

Someone out there is bound to know. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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I don’t know if he still hangs here, but I think Lundin might be the person you’re after (IIRC the right name).

I think your main problem might be software. This would go through several computer systems and they’d need to recognise the system. Software download was actually a discrete stop along the production line (with it’s own projected timing and everything) and whether your model would have the required software pre-loaded for an option you don’t have will be the big question.


Lundin is still on here. @Rune, PM him and see if he can give you an answer. Personally, I find the audible detection systems more useful than the camera, but would be curious to see if our vehicles could be retrofitted anyhow.


There’s no mention of it in the 2010 owners manuel. Heck, I’d just like to get my nav system updated!


Do you have a video input on the 9-5NG? If so I think you should be able to connect a video camera (back camera). On my 9-3, 2009 I did not had a video input to my navscreen so I was forced to buy and put in a video card. It works in the way you state. When I put the gear in reverse the back camera take over the screen and show the picture from back. I have also a front camera but that must I manually use buy push a button. I assume that this also could be… Read more »


As far as my info reaches, MY12 9-5 has a diferent navigationunit (different partnumber).
EPC does hold partnumbers for the MY12 9-5 camera (both 4D and 5D). I don’t know if any or available at Saab parts AB.
As Swade states, SW should be the biggest challenge. If the camera function is not included in the current software, I don’t think there is a way to enable it.

A note to Saab parts AB: investigate if it would be possible to commercialise an accessory kit for the backup camera. I believe that a lot of 9-5 drivers would be interested.


If you have an A/V input to the screen I think it will be possible to show the picture from the back camera on it. However, if it will work in the same manner as with the 9-3 screen I don’t know. On my 9-3, with a navscreen as standard, I bought a video card with two video inputs from Navtool in USA. It works as an interface. Input 2 is connected to the back camera and overrides input 1 and the standard screen ex if I use the navigation. It does not matter if the screen is on or… Read more »

North Toronto Punter

Important post, Rune. And I wonder if anybody has fit an aftermarket indash Sat Nav (with or without camera, which is easily done with aftermarket units) in a NG 9-5? I had seriously entertained the idea of a non-Aero 9-5 (6 cyl, XWD minus nav) at too-good-to-pass price, but I chickened (partly) based on being told couldn’t install (say) latest Kenwood effectively w steering wheels controls etc. . @LarsG: I presume you’re talking about retrofitting camera to factory Saab Nav? The rear camera I had fit to my Kenwood 7160 (latest 7190) on 9-3 SS was a ‘plug ‘n play’… Read more »


This has been discussed before. The navigation unit is positioned behind the radio controls and not behind the screen. To fit an aftermarket camera, you need an interface between the radiounit and the screen that hacks into the screen signal. If you remove the radio, you will losse an imortant amount of settings.


The video card with two inputs is the interface.

Greg Prophet

Does anyone know of any available online (or other) resources that can assist me in figuring out how to add rear speakers to my 2010 9-5 Aero? I was shocked when my dealer told me that model did not come equipped with upper rear speakers. Thanks!


You also might want to check the Lacrosse backup camera parts and shop manual entries. For as much as we’d like to forget this, the vehicles are very similar under their skins and personalities.

The Lacrosse is currently available with said camera and my guess is that the hardware would be plug and play.


Did anyone find out if 2011 is ready for rear view cam?

Where in the car is that connector to be connected? I have an idea of using this connector for other things than a camera.

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