Tomi, from Finland, writes about his Spa trip

Tomi Tikanmäki drove all the way from Finland to take part in the IntSaab2012 event in Spa and in a rally prepared 96.

Here is his story

After the organizer for the International Saab club- meeting inquired if I would bring the original Works 96 to Spa together with Simo Lampinen I was a little bit nervous how I would manage it due to a leakage in the engine gaskets. My more realistic choice was 900 T16 Aero M84. As I wrote before, it was a lot of work; one and half week waking up 4:00 am and making AEU ready for the trip until 10:00pm every single day. I understood that the whole happening is about Saab Rallying/Racing and therefore they really wished for the original pair to be present – Simo and AEU.

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Neo Brothers – Genuine Saab Textile & Rubber Mat Sets Now In Stock!!!

We have now added to our vast inventory Genuine Saab Textile and Rubber mat sets. These are available in both RHD & LHD variety for the following models:

Saab 9-5

Saab 9-3 Sport

Saab 9-4X


128268082copy.jpg 128268082copy.jpg

Big Updates From Saab Parts North America

For those that attended the SOC in Iowa, you will know that Saab Parts North America was there and answering questions and handing out goodies. Today dealers and service centers received an email from Saab Parts North America with some very exciting news and some needed answers. Here are some of the key highlights to dealers from the attached file are below.

It’s been a busy summer at SPNA. We’ve been working hard on many fronts to improve the company and make it easier for you to do business with us.

Our network has increased with 20 new OSC’s in the last month. Our website is being actively updated with content and seeing weekly increases in traffic. Progress in the availability of parts is getting better by the day.

Some highlights of our parts sourcing activities are out- lined below:

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Scania disallows NEVS to use the Griffin

A few hours ago Swedish radio P4 Väst reported that Scania refuses to grant NEVS the rights to use the Griffin symbol on their cars.

Saab’s new owners Nevs has suffered a setback in the negotiations surrounding the brand. Scania is saying no to Nevs may use the classic Gripen symbol of their brand.
– From our perspective, we will not allow them (Nevs) to use the Gripen, said Scania’s Senior Erik Ljungberg.
What will it take for you to change you and to say yes?
– We see little opportunity for us to change us and we deem it non-negotiable, says Ljungberg.

While this is sad because we all got to like “our” Griffin over the years this is not such a big surprise. On the second generation of the 9-5 as well as on the 9-3 Griffin the Saab wordmark became more prominent. As we already heard in 2009 this was due to a desire to change the optics as well as to avoid a huge fee for the continued use.

What I really want to stress here is that, as Erik Ljungberg of Scania also says in the article, Scania has no say regarding the Saab name. The negotiations about that are up to NEVS and SAAB AB.

So as I wrote in my recent post, there is still more than a good chance we’ll see brand new Saabs again in the future.

A different kind of help request.

When I was in Trollhättan in spring 2011 I picked up a Swedish made rucksack for Azzy from the tourist information centre opposite the Saab Museum.

Well it was used so much it became a little worn out and we would like another one.
Can I make a cheeky request and ask anyone living near by if they could pop in and see if they still have one for sale please,

My fingers are crossed and if it’s a yes please email me at Robin.kerry (at)

Thank you in advance

A couple of pictures after the jump… Robin.

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Why to continue…

The complete silence that again surrounded Saab was two weeks ago broken by Spyker’s announcement of a lawsuit against GM. Most of us, me included, welcomed that. It feels like some rightly revenge for the things that GM did while Victor tried to save Saab through a cooperation with Youngman, Pang Da or both. While the failure of course had multiple reasons the main stumbling stone always was GM’s no to everything that came on the table.

Admittedly I feel it’s sad that this case will be held at a court in the US because in Europe it would be even tougher for GM. But still I do not feel that a US court will automatically jump on GM’s side. Being a lawyer himself Victor would not have come up with such a case if he wasn’t sure to have a good chance to win this. And one thing is for sure: this case could not have come at a worse moment for GM for two reasons.

One is that right now they would be busy enough as GME with Opel and Vauxhall is in serious trouble. Overcapacities, falling sales, a resigning CEO and political pressure are just a few points here. I’ve already read some experts who said that Opel cannot be cured anymore under GM rule. One of the main reasons is that the Opel models get competition from Chevrolet who offer more or less the same cars at a lower price. Just like it was with Saab and Opel back in the days, the difference being that Opel is the loser this time.

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99 Turbo Test cars the first 100 – help to find them all


In 1977 the greatest leap into the future for Saab was taken with the launch of the 99 Turbo. The first car shown to public was a pearlwhite at the Frankfurt autoshow that year. That color never made it on the production cars by the way. Saab needed to get experience of the turbo boosted engine and therefore built about 100 test cars. The cars where dived in three groups SW (Sweden) UC (USA/California) and EU (Europe). I have through some research work managed to track down 100% of the SW cars the ones scrapped and the ones alive or near dead. Unfortunately there is only one SW car alive on the roads but that one is 100% rebuilt wrong engine etc. The models made where 2 door sedans based on the regular EMS model, 3 door CombiCoupe (WagonBack) based on the 3 door EMS, 4 door sedans based on the GLE model and 5 door models exclusively for the Swedish police. None of the 100 test cars had sunroof.

So how do You know if there is a test car sitting in the cornfield or in Your best buddys barn. The are all painted in cardinal red metallic and they all have the EMS “Soccerball” wheels. The also do not have the TURBO logotype in metal emblems they where white or in some cases cold stickers. On the fake wood tape under the glovebox there is a small sticker saying TEST CAR No. XXX”. The electric fan is positioned in front of the radiator and is housed in a metal frame, the battery “shelf” is also different from production cars.

Today I know of 3 cars beside my own that is under renovation, will post information on the project(s) as they evolve

Of the UC cars I know the history of 6 of them. 33 of which I have the VIN no. and state it was delivered to and in some cases the first owner. Some of the owners was Jacob Wallenberg while he was a student in New York, 2 US Army officers at YPG (Yuma Proving Grounds) guess they knew how to destruct a vehicle.

My questions to the international Saab community for this research job are:
– Where are the approximate 20 EU cars?
– Where are the US test cars? I have the VIN´s is it any way to trace them by DOT or DMV? If You believe You have a test car send me the VIN no. and I can verify it.
– Any stories about the cars would be appreciated.

Good luck tracking down the early Saab Turbo history.

Email to jtrued[at]

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