Pictures From The SOC In Iowa

We’re starting to get our first bunch of photo’s in from Iowa thanks to Mark Marcon and photographer Richard Moore. Seems they had to run for cover at one point because of a serious storm hitting but last we heard it had cleared and things were good again.

Please keep the photo’s coming and good luck to all the participants who are up for some hardware.

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Added some SOC Iowa pictures into the photo album page, sorry for duplicates!


NTP/Mark is Look like he is ready to tackle the Mille Miglia !

North Toronto Punter

@Jason: Longish drive 🙂 Rode in convoy with Peter Gilbert for Milwaukee leg. Scott Hutchings [Saab Club of Canada President] and son Sam did it one go from Toronto! [Next year Convention returns to North East/ New England (exact location TBD)]. A short, sharp vigorous storm passed within an hour (fortunately hail-free). Dinner highlights included local and longtime Dealer Herald Friedley’s reminiscences (he declared us Enthusiasts ‘Raving’ :)) and the results of the Concours and People’s Choice Awards…Inter alia, (definitive list can be found at SOC Website) Peter Gilbert won 1st Prize in the Viggen category and Richard Moore (responsible… Read more »


SOC12 was a surprisingly good event …. considering it is the first without representation from Saab. Could it have been better? Sure, I think it is safe to say that most conventions “could have been better”. But, since I started attending these events with SOC07, there have been much worse! My hats off to Annette and team for a very well executed event and a great location! One interesting fact: A few weeks back, the Friday of the Canadian July long weekend to be exact, my 2005 9-5 Aero SC was rear ended. While the damage seemed to be manageable… Read more »


I uploaded some more pictures in the photo gallery. Enjoy!

SOC2012 was well represented from as far away as New York, Ontario, Maine, Texas and Colorado. Wow what a drive for them. And great attendance too from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. I thinks its so great people drive so far to share their cars.

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