SAAB Owners Convention 2012

We have received our first email from the Saab Owners Convention in Iowa City today from none other then Peter Gilbert. Funny, I was thinking my Vancouver weather was hot and it’s only been 27C to maybe 30C. Sounds like beautiful weather for a great event.

Greetings from Iowa It’s over 40C and we have a pretty decent turnout with a few NG 95s. Being a neighboring state of Wisconsin we have one of our biggest turnouts of from the Milwaukee area and Saturday there will be a large local turnout from Iowa City because of Meyer Saab which has many loyal customers.
Here’s a little video I found too. This looks like the place to be in North America, really wish I had the ability to be there. Since I can’t, I really hope people like Peter or Mark or any of you that may be attending can shower me with photos and video feeds on Youtube.

Check their website for more info at saab convention


6 thoughts on “SAAB Owners Convention 2012”

  1. Seen Gregg Abbott — who has bona fides with a camera! — snaping away so will ask him to send some pics along. I’m anxiously prepping the ‘dressed’ Turbo X for Peoples Choice Award this morning. Having been humbled by a 2nd place finish last year in 9-3 SS Category I’ve let the Hounds Loose this time ’round 🙂

  2. Dear Americans/Canadiens, where are Your Flickr links and to other picture libraries on the web?
    Someone must have been taking pictures.

  3. NTP good luck in the competition, what more can You do with a modern boy-racer. (according to Jaopniks latest best 20000 Dollar cars review, Subaru STI, Mitsubishi EVO MR, and Saab 9-3 Turbo X)

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