SOC 2012 Wrap Up

The 2012 SOC has come to a close, but the stories and photo’s keep rolling in. I have heard people in and out of the Saab community try to tell me that the Saab community is all but dead. Dead? What rock are they living under? If this is death of a community, I’ll take it because I’ve been a part of other groups that didn’t have the kind of response that Saab does even when they were healthy. With over 200 people attending the 2012 SOC in Iowa and the same kind of action if not more at IntSaab 2012 in Belgium, I would say the community is still alive and kicking.

Below are some photo’s and a story from Tim O and his time at SOC.

Back from SOC 2012- My family and I had a great time at SOC it was close enough for us to get all 5 Saabs there over a 4 hour ride and thanks to Richard and Kathy Moore we where able to get all 5 home safe, so a special thanks to them. With them we had a 6 Saab caravan on the way back which was a blast! We were lucky enough to have three out of five cars win peoples choice due to a little luck and some generous voters. The ”cosmic blue” 95 Aero took first for the second year in a row, my brother’s NG 900 and the winter beater 9000 took first as well, so another big thanks to all the voters. As always there where tons of gorgous cars there, from vinatge to brand new 95’s. The hotel was very nice and offered underground parking which offered some very good peace of mind from the 70mph thunderstorms that rolled in on Saturday. It’s nearly impossible to go to SOC without making a few friends and that always adds to the great fun of it. There should be some pictures up of a little ”photoshoot” we did with our 5 and some pictures of the showfeild. See you next year! -Tim O

Tim, thanks for sharing your story and your entusiasm for Saab. Five cars in one family and all at the SOC, wow. What a story of community too, a 4hr drive back and having a nice couple help you get them home for you. It must have been some sight to be a part of your own convoy heading home too.

As I was writing this, another email came in, this time from the Saab Parts Team.

Dear Saab Owners Convention Attendees,

It was great meeting you all last week in Iowa City. What a great gathering of people and cars. It’s refreshing to see so much passion about our brand and genuine desire for our success.

We do want to keep in touch with all of you and share news and information often. Of course, the best source for the latest and greatest is through As a reminder, our wheel and warehouse clearance sales are now live on the website. Be sure to check out the list of 7000 + parts available at up to 70% off. There are many parts available for older model cars; items not likely to be available as new again. Your local Official Service Centers (OSC) will be a point of contact for ordering parts, scheduling regular maintenance checks and servicing your vehicles with Saab Genuine Parts and Accessories.

We are working on some consumer oriented programs that I think you will all enjoy. It is our hope to roll these out in the latter part of this year. Of course we will let you know when they will be available.

We know without you, the loyal Saab enthusiasts, we cannot survive and thrive. Please feel free to communicate with us as often as necessary; we love to hear feedback, the good and the critical. It is best to reach us at: [email protected].

 Thank you for your passion and dedication to the Saab brand!

The Saab Automobile Parts North America Team

I included this email incase any of you had not received it and I feel it is a nice gesture for Saab Parts to be keeping in touch with the Saab customers. If you were at the event, I’d be curious to know who was there from Saab Parts, I would imagine it was Tim Colbeck as he has been a true champ for Saab since coming over.

Hardly looks like a dead community to me. I hope everyone enjoyed the events from last weekend and thank for sharing with those of us who because of geography could not be there. Keep your Saab stories coming.

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This was my first SOC this year, and despite the events over the past few months, I left feeling prouder than ever to be a Saab owner. (That’s me in pic SOC5 adding a Genuine Saab strut tower brace to my friend Paul’s 9-3X) As Tim O. stated, I went there knowing only two of the folks attending, and left knowing about 20 on a first name basis, including the guys from Genuine Saab. Plus, the gentlemen from Saab Parts were very cool and die hard Saab guys. If you look at their website, it’s amazing how much they’ve done… Read more »

North Toronto Punter

Great time indeed! I hope format doesn’t change next year (there was some talk of moving away from hotel based event and rather to a tented/field based one a la Carlisle).

As regards SaabParts NA: Tim Colbeck wasn’t there (to best of my knowledge), but did meet Christopher Wiseman (and colleague, who’s name I missed).Moreover they had T-shirts for free (in a wonderful hue of blue), quid pro quo for joining mailing list.


“Tim and family” it was our pleasure to help you with the drive back to Wisconsin– my drive in the 5th car (C900 convertible). Your family though may have cost me 🙂 because now I want my own C900 convertible to drive. Turbo though..

Oh Tim –as a reminder– our Saab 9-5 SC came in 2nd place behind your ”cosmic blue” 95 Aero. So 4 out of the 6 cars in the caravan were winners.

Chris Hansel

Hey Crew,
Any mention of where SOC 2013 is going to be? Maybe on the west coast of Canada Jason?

Jonathan Williams

I drove my 1991 black 900 turbo convertible from upstate NY to Iowa, a little over 1000 miles, to attend the SOC. This is my 13th consecutive SOC. My photos are here:!i=2010223318&k=d3MsqrH
Jonathan Williams

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