Special Belgium SU Shirts

At IntSaab2012 SaabsUnited had a limited edition Polo Shirt for sale.
They were very well received and I’m happy to say we have a few left.
Only medium, larger and extra large are left and will cost €20 each (inc postage within europe)
I will give the polo shirt article number 10016 for the shop. please email [email protected] if you fancy one.

Also we have some new Domed SaabsUnited Badges which can be places almost anywhere. They are very good quality and again were very well received at IntSaab2012.
These cost €3.00 plus postage. Please mention item number 10017 if you are interested.

3 thoughts on “Special Belgium SU Shirts”

  1. As the former owner of an embroidery business, I am pleased to tell you all that Gildan are a top quality make, that we were more than happy to recommend to our customers.

  2. S2AB Historic Rally Team has one Sparco team jacket left in size L. They run somewhat small in sizes. Yours for 2500 SEK.
    Only 11 jackets made by Sparco Italy.

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