Swedish Car Day XIII

We received an email from our good friend and Saab champion Pierre Belperron, formerly of Charles River Saab about the upcoming Swedish Car Day XIII which he will be leading. Pierre after 23 years has left Charles River for an opportunity closer to home but is still an active member of the Saab family and is very respected for all he does. This year marks the 13th annual Swedish Car Day and is sure to be one of the Saab events of the year. Below is the info that he had sent to us as well as some links to the sponsor pages and their facebook page.

On Sunday, 26 August 2012, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum will present the thirteenth annual Swedish Car Day. Sponsored by Boston Volvo Village and her sister store Charles River Saab (both incorporated in 1957), Swedish Car Day has always endeavored to cater to owners of all manner of Saabs and Volvos. Some will be show quality cars, others daily drivers and some just diamonds in the rough. Though he has left Charles River Saab after 23 years, Pierre Belperron will be returning to host this event one last time. As it will be his last opportunity as master-of-ceremonies, Pierre will also be the speaker at Swedish Car Day, and he will recount his personal Saab AND Volvo experiences of the past decade, and what they have meant to him personally. The lawn opens for cars at 8:00. Official start time is 10:00 and departure must start at 2:00. There will be judging of cars, a raffle, vendors including eEuroparts, ViVa Performance and State of Nine, and a very special extra raffle. This raffle will require a $10 ticket—all proceeds going to a charity chosen by Pierre—and the winner will receive this Saab-Scania sign which once adorned Charles River Saab. Entry fee to the lawn is $20 per car and includes entry for two, and those not displaying a car can enter for $10. While there is no online registration this year, you can save time at check-in by printing the registration form at www.swedishcarday.com and having it completed in advance.

Here are some photo’s from last years event to show you why you need to be there if you are in the area.


Thank Pierre for sharing the event once again with us and for all you have done and continue to do for this community of ours. I would love to see some follow up to this event and hope that anyone attending would get the chance to say hi to Pierre and to shake his hand and thank him for me and all of us. I must add here to for anyone concerned, Pierre has taken a job closer to home and is still a proud Saab supporter and still has a great relationship with the people at CRS as made clear by this event and the collaboration to make it happen.


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Kyle Merrihew

If anyone will be traveling to ts event from north of Boston there is a convoy I have assembled and it is going to be a good one! Let us know if you will be there on this thread-


Looks like I’ll have the Sonett IIi, C900 Vert and Viggen Vert at SCD this year. Three out of five’s not bad.


Wish we had events like this on the West Coast!

Also–great SCD poster. Are those avail for purchase by any chance?


Hey, did anyone hear about the Forbes article? 😉

I’m still considering going to SCD…. 50/50 I guess… Hope the weather is good for those who are going.


I will be filming and photographing every single moment there so I would like to share my youtube channel, I will try to film every car there so all the owners will like the video!



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