Inside The Ally Auction Process By Julie Gardner

I just received an email from our sales superstar Julie Gardner from Kelly Cadillac Saab. She has been so kind to write out for all of us to read, her inside take on the auction process and provided us with real results. For anyone who thinks they can just buy a Saab from the Auction, read this and you will see why a dealer still has to mark up the car you’re buying. Auctions like this are anything but easy when there are so many variables to watch for and still a lot of work to get the car to the final destination. Thanks again Julie, I can’t say enough how much you are appreciated for all you do with Saab.

For those that do not know me, my name is Julie Gardner and I have been a fan of SAAB since 1989 when I got my first “real job” at as a Sales Consultant at a (now long-gone) rural York County, PA, USA Ford/SAAB dealership. I am currently employed by Kelly Cadillac SAAB in Lancaster, PA and am known as the resident SAAB Specialist. As such I convinced our store’s owner, Geoff Kelly, to participate in the Smart Auction (SA) sale of 2011 inventory being made available to GM/SAAB only dealers as a way to make money to satisfy the debt of SAAB Cars North America (SCNA) to ALLY after December’s bankruptcy filing.

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What’s that Spaceship at the Rest Stop?

One of the more obvious obstacles to the adoption of EVs that Saab will undoubtedly face is long distance travel using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). It’s the big reason why most companies to date are also focusing on including a motor generator on their EVs and thus building Extended Range Electric Vehicles (EREVs). But adding a conventional fuel powered generator onto an electric car adds cost and complexity, which changes the chemistry requirements for the battery and yields a much lower range than if the car were simply battery powered. Since NEVS has stated their intention of first going the BEV route with their first production model based on the existing Saab 9-3, it’s worth a look at one very interesting solution unveiled this week.

Tesla decided to go the pure EV route, and chose to deal with range anxiety in a pretty radical yet simple way. This week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled a network of spaceship-like stations dubbed Superchargers. Each station can charge four to six cars at a time, and costs about $250,000 to build. They’re charged by a high voltage power supply presumably pulls it’s power from the grid, with PV (solar) panels that feed power back into the grid to offset the load. At the moment only the Model S and future Tesla vehicles are able to take advantage of the superchargers. It takes about 30 minutes to fill up a car with 100kW, which is about enough for 3 hours at 60mph. Obviously that’s not enough for most SU readers, who want less than 10 minutes and 4 hours at 75mph+, but for first-of-its-kind technology that actually exists today, it isn’t too shabby. There are already a number of other companies with similar plans, Better Place, NRG Energy, Ecotality and Coulomb to name a few, but it’s obvious that Tesla will have a serious presence along highways in major urban areas very soon.

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News about LeanNova

For the few of you that don’t know about this company, LeanNova was founded in January of this year, and it was meant to be like a way to keep the Saab knowledge around Trollhättan, just in case this knowledge could be of interest in the future.

Over the weekend the local newspaper published an article about LeanNova with the title “The have gathered the Saab knowledge“.

Two days ago we announced that Kjel AC Bergström was hired by NEVS, now we know that LeanNova has already done some projects, initial studies as the CEO from LEanNova says, for NEVS. And LeanNova seems to be quite proud about their knowledge. On the question:

Will NEVS be able to survive without your help?

their answer is:

We do not believe it, says Oman and laughs.

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Pick of the Day taken for a drive.

Last weekend we were blessed with some very nice weather here in the South West of England and Jerry from Astley Saab offered us the 9-3 Griffin Convertible that I chose for my “Pick of the Day”.

As they say it would be rude not to take up an offer like that so on the Saturday I collected the car and we went out for dinner with the family with the roof down.

The thing is, when you don’t own a convertible and you get one for a test drive, you tend to go everywhere with the air in your hair. Even in the darkness. Even to go to the shops. Even to the restaurant.

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The Saab Light Fantastic

Paul is a guest writer who has his own blog called Saab vs. Scepticism.  

When nature’s light dims, automotive lights take over, and few are as beautiful as the latest Saab’s. The Saab 9-3 features impeccably designed headlights with a highly individual look, spotting them coming toward me, puts a smile on my face every time.

Distinctive and stylish, the elegant light strip highlights the edge of the Saab’s bonnet, and when darkness really sets in, the perfect circular eyes send powerful beams out into the night.

Occasionally, I’ll be rewarded with a lesser spotted new generation 9-5; they too have the distinctive Saab light fantastic too, so next time you see one, look in your rear view mirror as it passes – the beautiful, narrow strip of red light reassures you that Saab really did get it right, in design terms at least.

You can see the original post, with extra pictures, here 


Social Media And Saab

Saab is in a state of limbo at the present time and finding information other then what you see posted on Saabs United is more difficult then doing one handed push ups. Personally, besides the email contacts that I have and the friends that are plugged into the process in different parts of the world, I search google every morning and afternoon and read every little piece of anything I can find.

One of the best things in this day and age of the computer and more so the internet is social media and how it keeps us connected. I know some people don’t like applications like Facebook, if memory serves me correct even Red J here has yet to become a part of the Facebook generation. For me personally, it keeps me connected and helps me to see a bigger than me picture of Saab and the people that still love what it means to be Saab.

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Intsaab 2012 Donate to help children with cancer.

Belgium Saab Club today handed over a cheque for €500 to the foundation for children with cancer.

The money was generated by the organisation committee of the meeting Intsaab 2012 in Spa which took place in early August.
Nicolas Demuynckn, great organiser on the left and Jan De Rijk, President of the Club on the right are seen handing the gift to Professor Yves Benoit.

Congratulations to you all.

P4 West On Octoberfest

Look what I found while searching on NEVS just now. It’s none other then our own Tim Rokka talking about Octoberfest and NEVS first appearance to the fans of Saab.

Tim Rokka Photo: Victor Jensen

When I do the Google translate it sounds like quite the headline, NEVS hits Saab fans. Lets hope it’s a little more civilized although sometimes Google translate makes for some very entertaining reading.

NEVS states to P4 West the importance of good relations with the fans and they most definitely realize the importance in this. We quite often hear complaints about how quiet they have been but in this case, they have accepted the invite to take part in the festivities at the museum for Octoberfest and to put a face to the company which in itself is a nice step forward to starting a more personal relationship with the fans.

It’s great that they want to be with and talk directly with their current and future fans. It gives the course a form of credibility to the company. People want to know things and people want to see them. You need to have a face to what one hears, says Tim Rokka, who is one of the organizers.

A lot has been written and speculated about NEVS/Saab and the future we will all hold together with a lot of un answered questions. For the first public appearance of the company to be held with the fans speaks volumes to me about a company that realizes the importance of their fan base. I know there are still a ton of unanswered questions when it comes to the future products of the new Saab and I honestly don’t know how many of these questions will be answered at such an event but we can feel good that the company to represent our brand wants to connect with us the fans.

Thanks Tim again for within your busy schedule of flying, attending a meeting at the museum and regular responsibilities (all in the last couple of days) for always making yourself available when people like Victor Jensen come calling and representing Saab and getting the word out when things like this are going on.

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