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Just saw this photo from Anders MKE on the activity feed on SU and thought that for a quiet day and night we should share this. This beautiful backdrop is at a place called Catch 22 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Anders MKE, this is just stunning and thanks for posting it, almost looks like a commercial set ready for filming.


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I walk by there every day to work. Yes I’ve seen that grey 9-5 . And I always stop and stare at it.


Nice Anders, any new SAABs picked up from the docks on the east coast?Zimbrick in Madison seems to have 15/20 new 95’s on their lot as of 9/10/12, I would like man/trans 93X myself, hard to find I’m sure. Brian in MenFalls, WI

rafael guerra

how much is the cost for a 9-5 car 2010 model, and how much for a 9-4X, 2011 model ,
how many suv 9-4x were produced,


In the US a 9-5, 2010MY, can vary from the low 20’s and up depending on who is selling it, how long they’ve had it, the equipment content specifically, and other factors like geography. There really is no hard answer, Rafael. As far as a 9-4x, there were few built- from the notes I have here 487 total. As for pricing again it will vary but I have a base FWD 3.0L V6 here with 15K miles and is priced at 27977… this is a vehicle that was originally $38K ish on the sticker. Hope this helps you : )… Read more »

rafael guerra

Thank you so much for information
Next month I will visit the GM facility where 9-4X was produced 2 years ago

Coke is it


Too bad they aren’t produced anymore. It’s a shame!

Troels, Denmark


Peter Gilbert

Yes it is a Beautiful picture and I was with Anders at Concours Motors the very day that the first NG 9-5s arrived by transporter. That does seem like a long time ago.

Anders MKE

The only reason I want out of the lease, is because I want another 2011 SAAB 9-5 White Aero. I am very happy with my car.

No 9

One word: Magnifique!

Angelo V.

Sleek—-one of the most beautiful car designs ever.

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